How to Get Gold Ingots in V Rising: Gold Jewelry Farm Locations

This guide has explained how to get Gold Ingots in V Rising. We'll be discussing where to farm this material and its recipes as well.

In V Rising, several different types of materials are required to craft different items. One such material is Gold, and unlike Copper, iron, and quartz, it is not available as a mineral. Rather, you will have to use gold jewelry to obtain Gold Ingots. This guide has explained how to get Gold Ingots in V Rising.

Gold Jewelry Farm Locations

In V Rising, you cannot mine Gold. You can only get Gold in the form of Jewelry, which can be smelted into Gold Ingots. Many different enemies drop Gold Jewelry in the game.

The best place to obtain gold jewelry in V Rising is Brighthaven Cathedral. Once you get there,  you can farm elite enemies such as wizards and paladins and get gold jewelry as drops.

Gold Jewelry can also be obtained by fighting higher V Blood adversaries in the game, since they frequently drop it after being killed. Going to Silverlight Hills and harvesting Gold Jewellery from Elite Armored Knights and Clerics is another option. They are powerful opponents, but when they die, they frequently drop Gold Jewelry.

How to Craft Gold Ingots in V Rising

To strengthen your armor and weapons, imbed the gold ingot into them. To craft Gold Ingots, you must have the following things:

  • Gold Ingots Recipe
  • Furnace
  • Gold Jewellery

Unlock Gold Ingots Crafting Recipe

To unlock the Gold Ingots recipe, you will need to defeat ‘Azariel the Sunbringer,’ located in Brighthaven Cathedral.

Azariel is a V Blood Level 68 boss, and he will be quite tough to take down. Make sure you are prepared for the boss fight.

Holy Resistance flasks will be a good thing to take to this boss fight, along with higher-tier weapons and armor as well.

Build Furnace

You will first need to have a functioning Furnace in your castle to smelt gold ingots. You may have it already but if you don’t, build it as it is necessary for smelting Gold Jewellery into Gold Ingots.

You’ll need an active Castle Heart to construct a Furnace. You will need following items to build a furnace.

  • 480 Stone
  • 60 Copper Ores.

After you’ve placed your Castle Heart, press B to access Production and then Refinement, where you’ll locate your Furnace.

Craft Gold Ingots

Once you have unlocked the Gold Ingots recipe and have built the Furnace, you will be able to craft Gold Ingots. To smelt one Gold Ingot, you will require following items:

  • 8x Gold Jewelry pieces
  • 8x Sulphur

Use these items at a Furnace to obtain a Gold Ingot.

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