V Rising Garlic, Holy Radiation, and Sun Resistance Guide

Being a vampire in V Rising, your three biggest enemies in the game will be garlic, sunshine, and holy radiation. Exposure to any of these can potentially be lethal for your vampire self, so we’ve prepared this V Rising Garlic, Holy Radiation, and Sun Resistance guide to keeping you safe from these evils.

V Rising Garlic Exposure

Even though they are gifted with abilities that make them far more powerful than humans, vampires are no match against the might of garlic in V Rising.

When you’re exploring the world of V Rising, you will stumble upon human settlements which are protected with garlic. When you get close to the garlic within these settlements, a warning for “Garlic Exposure” will pop up at the bottom of your screen.

While you’re exposed to garlic, you’ll start stacking the Garlic Debuff. This debuff will make you weaker and increase your agro radius, allowing enemies to lock onto you from further away.

The more stacks of the Garlic Debuff you have, the stronger these effects will be. And the worst part is that the debuff takes an excruciatingly long time to wear off.

Fortunately, there’s a potion that you can create in V Rising, which makes the Garlic Debuff wear off quicker. This potion is called the “Minor Garlic Resistance Brew.”


Minor Garlic Resistance Brew

The Minor Garlic Resistance Brew is a potion in V Rising which will help mitigate the debuffs you get from exposure to garlic.

This potion can be obtained in two ways. The first way is to farm troops as they have a chance to drop the potion upon being killed. However, the drop chance is very low, so this is an incredibly inefficient method of getting the Minor Garlic Resistance Brew.

The second and most reliable method of getting the Minor Garlic Resistance Brew is to craft it yourself using a technology called the Alchemy Table.

But unfortunately, the Alchemy Table isn’t available right from the start of the game. To unlock the Alchemy Table, you need to first takedown Clive the Firestarter.

After you defeat Clive the Firestarter and build an Alchemy Table, the next step is to obtain the Minor Garlic Resistance Brew recipe. For that, you will need to take down Polora the Feywalker.

This boss will drop the Minor Garlic Resistance Brew recipe upon being killed. The recipe requires the following items:

Now once you have both the Alchemy Table and the recipe for the potion, you can craft it as many times as you want using the items listed above.

How to Remove Garlic Debuff

As of right now, there is no way to remove the Garlic Debuff instantly in V Rising, but there are a few things you can do to make it go away at a faster pace.

The Garlic Debuff will go down by 1 stack every 20 seconds when you’re in your normal vampire form.

If you’re in bear form, it will go down by 2 stacks every 20 seconds. And if you drink the Minor Garlic Resistance Brew while in bear form, it will go down by 3 stacks every 20 seconds.

So if you get exposed to garlic and acquire the Garlic Debuff, you need to transform it into your bear form and drink a Minor Garlic Resistance Brew. This will make it so the debuff goes away as soon as possible.

How to Reduce Sun Damage in V Rising

There is no bigger villain in a vampire’s story than the sun. V Rising has a robust day and night cycle system, and exposure to the sun will burn your vampire body, depleting your HP until you perish.

If you want to survive in the world of V Rising, you need to know how to reduce sun damage. Below, we’ve covered the most important tips you need to know to protect yourself from the sun in V Rising.

Avoid Travelling in Day Time
Whenever you need to leave your castle to go out and explore, it’s best to wait until nighttime before you do so.

While the sun is out, you can use this time to work on your castle. Make upgrades, craft items, build better armor and weapons, and plan your forthcoming journey.

If you need to head out during the daytime, stay away from the roads.

The roads are exposed to direct sunlight, so traveling on them will be deadly for you. You need to travel within the woods adjacent to the road and do so carefully, avoiding all spots that do not have shadows covering them.

Note that the in-game sun moves around the sky as it sets, dynamically changing the shadows. This means that a spot can be covered in shadows at a certain point and completely exposed to sunlight at another time.

Build a Mist Brazier
If you want to protect your castle from sunlight, you need to build a device known as a “Mist Brazier.”

This device can be built very early on in your playthrough of V Rising, and it’s a complete lifesaver. When you place it down in your castle and put bones inside it, it will release a mist that blocks sunlight from coming into your castle, fully safeguarding it from the sun.

Drink Creature Blood
An easy way to decrease damage from the sun is to drink blood from any level 3 creature.

This is because creature blood at level 3 grants vampires resistance against sun damage. This sun damage resistance is surprisingly potent for its easy to achieve.

So if you want to step out during the daytime and don’t have access to potions, drinking creature blood is the way to go. You can also learn how to utilize a blood key in V Rising by reading up on our dedicated guide.

Minor Sun Resistance Brew

The best way to reduce sun damage in V Rising is to use a “Minor Sun Resistance Brew” potion.

There are two ways to obtain the Minor Sun Resistance Brew. The first way is to head to the Gleaming Meadows and its adjacent areas and farm the troops there.

These troops have a decent chance of dropping a Minor Sun Resistance Brew upon being killed, so you can get a bunch of these potions by just killing troops.

The second method is to craft it yourself using the Alchemy Table. The Alchemy Table is unlocked once you defeat Clive the Firestarter.

Once you have an Alchemy Table in your Alchemy Lab, you can craft a Minor Sun Resistance Brew using the following ingredients:

  • 20x Mourning Lily
  • 20x Blood Rose
  • 1x Water-Filled Canteen

Both the Mourning Lily and Blood Rose are readily available. You can get Mourning Lilies from graveyard areas, like the Forgotten Cemetery, Desecrated Graveyard, and Infested Graveyard. While Blood Roses can be found in practically every location within Farbane Woods.

Holy Radiation

Holy Radiation is another source of damage you want to keep your vampire safe from.  

There are certain locations in V Rising, mostly present between Farbane Woods and the Dunley Farmlands, which are protected by a force called “Holy Radiation.”

When you’re present in these areas, a prompt for Holy Radiation will pop up at the bottom of your screen, and you will start taking damage. The damage will knock off 10 HP of your vampire each second until they perish. This makes Holy Radiation the deadliest source of damage for your vampire.

Fortunately, there are ways you can increase your resistance to Holy Radiation to negate its damage.

How to Remove Holy Radiation and Increase Resistance

If you’re tired of dealing with Holy Radiation in V Rising, you can negate its damage by using equipment and consumables that increase your Holy Radiation resistance.

To check your Holy Radiation resistance, open up your character screen by pressing Tab and looking at the “Resistances” menu. This will show your level of resistance to different sources of damage, including Holy Radiation.

Your resistance to Holy Radiation will be 0 at the start. This is why you’ll find yourself taking insane amounts of damage from it.

If you’re wondering how to increase Holy Resistance in V Rising, the best way to do so is to craft a potion called the “Holy Resistance

You’ll first need an Alchemy Table unlocked after defeating Clive the Firestarter to craft this potion.

Once you have your Alchemy Table set up, the next step is to get the recipe for the Holy Resistance Potion. For that, you will need to defeat Christina, the

Sun Priestess.
Once you’ve defeated this boss, you’ll get the recipe for the Holy Resistance Potion; which is:

Once you’ve collected all of these items, you’ll be able to craft a Holy Resistance Potion using the Alchemy Table.

One potion will grant you 50 Holy Resistance for 30 minutes. At 50 resistance, you will take up to 10 less damage from Holy Radiation. And it’ll also decrease damage from incoming Holy attacks by 25%.

This means that while the Holy Resistance Potion is active, you’ll be able to freely roam around areas protected by Holy Radiation without taking any damage.

Do note that the Scourgestones required to make a Holy Resistance Potion are quite difficult to get a hold of, so you won’t be able to craft these potions very often until you reach the late-game content.

But worry not, there’s another way to increase Holy Radiation resistance in V Rising. If you cannot afford to craft a Holy Resistance Potion, you can simply transform into a bear.

While in bear form, all of your resistances are increased by 25, including your resistance to Holy Radiation. This isn’t as powerful as the resistance you get from the Holy Resistance Potion, but it’ll do the job.

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