How to Get Scourgestone in V Rising

Learn where you can find and craft Scourgestone in V Rising. It is considered a valuable item that can be used to craft some of the most valuable resources in the game. Scourgestone is the base item for Dark Silver Ingots and some other useful items

V Rising Scourgestone Farm Locations

There are three different locations where you can find Scourgestone in V Rising. The first one is the Church of the Damned in the north of Dunley Farmlands.

You will definitely find Scourgestones at the Church of Damned. You can find them in chests and also from mobs as a drop.

The other location where you can find Scourgestone is Dunley Monastery. This is located in the west of Dunley Farmlands. Here you will find some coffins, and if you break them, there is a chance that you may find the Scourgestone.


The third location where you can find Scourgestone in V Rising is Ancient Villages in Cursed Forest. All over those locations, you can find Scourgestones in different boxes.

One of the best methods to farm the Scourgestones in V Rising is by building the Tombs and spawning mobs.

After building a tomb, you can put flowers on them to raise different undead mobs. You can spawn Banshi and Skeleton Bishop in every tomb and take them out to get the Scourgestone as a drop.

You don’t have to do much. You have to raise the mobs that have a good chance of dropping Scourgestone.

Unfortunately, only two mobs can drop Scourgestone. These two enemies that drop Scourgestone are Skeleton Bishop and Scarecrow.

How to Farm Scourgestone

In V Rising, two enemies drop Scourgestone i.e Skeleton Bishop and Scarecrow.

Skeleton Bishop

You can find this mob in almost every cursed dead location in V Rising. The only location where you can’t find this mob is Farbane Woods.

The chances of dropping Scourgestones by Skeleton Bishop are relatively high. Since it is a mini-boss, you can defeat it without much trouble.


Scarecrow is the other mob that can help you farm Scourgestones. This mob can only be found in the Abandoned Farm location. After reaching that location, you will see some scarecrows standing.

You have to hit them, and some of them might become the mini-bosses that will drop Scourgestones upon defeat. This boss has a couple of attacks, so defeating it wouldn’t be difficult. This boss will vanish once you hit him hard and then respawn and attack you, so watch out for this.

How to Craft Scourgestone

You can craft Scourgestone in Furnace by unlocking the Scourgestone crafting recipe.

Unlock Scourgestone Crafting Recipe

To unlock the crafting recipe for Scourgestone, you will need to defeat Leandra, the Shadow Priestess.

She is a level 46 boss who rewards you with the crafting recipe for the Scourgestone. To find her, you will have to travel towards the Church of the Damned, located north of Dunley Farmland.

Craft Scourgestone Using Furnace

The other method of collecting some Scourgestones is crafting them through the furnace in your castle. The recipe for crafting them is given below.

Once you have the required item, you can craft Scourgestone in a Furnace. The Furnace can be unlocked during the tutorial.

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