V Rising Research Guide

Research is a vital mechanic of V Rising that helps you in unlocking new technologies. In this V Rising Research guide, we will tell you each and everything related to research in V Rising. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

How Research Works in V Rising

Research mechanic in the game is similar to real-world Research. The more research you do, the more advanced your items will be. Research isn’t just for armor and weapons; you also can get consumables and decorations while researching.

Research will help you build the latest and upgraded stuff. Researching is similar to other survival games in which players must obtain certain materials in order to unlock additional crafting techniques.

Before you do research in V Rising, you need some items to start. These items include:

  • Research Books
  • Paper
  • Research Desk.

Once you have a Research Desk, take 50 Paper or Research Books and open the Research Table.

For 50 Paper, you can investigate a random Technology or crafting recipe inside the table. Press the Discover button at the top of the Research Table’s menu to utilize Paper.

With research books, you can use the Research Table’s menu to research particular recipes.

How to Make Research Desk

The Research Table is not a default item; you must collect specific ingredients to create it. Research Desk is very important if you want to research in V Rising.

The following materials are required to create a Research Table in V Rising:

  • 8 Planks
  • 80 Stone
  • 120 Animal Hide

You’ll need to access the Build Menu in V Rising after you have the resources specified above. Press the B key to bring up the Build menu, then select the Research tab under Production. By left-clicking under the Research table, you can create a new Research table.

How to Get Research Scrolls, Paper and Schematics

How to get your hands on the Research Scrolls, Paper and Schematics in V Rising is mentioned below:


In V Rising, there are various methods to get your hands on paper. Paper can be obtained by farming it from other foes in V Rising.

Paper can also be farmed in places like the Bandit Logging Camp, Bandit Trapper Camp and Bandit Stronghold. Bandit Camps will also include foes to farm for Paper, as well as chests that may or may not contain Paper.

Paper Press can also be used to make paper. The Paper Press will allow you to transform a certain type of paper to the next tier. So, you can make base paper with plant fiber and sawdust to get paper.

Each Technology or Crafting Recipe requires 50 Papers. If you’re using a Research Book, select ‘Research’ from the Research Table Menu. Then, if you’re using Paper, select ‘Discover’ from the Research Table Menu.

Research Books

Research Books can be obtained by fighting numerous foes, including bosses, and looting chests in various places in V Rising.


You can get your hands on Scrolls by crafting them by using Gem Dust and Paper on Paper Press. Scrolls can be farmed in Dawnbreak Village and Moswick Village.


At higher levels, once you get the recipe through a V-blood boss, you can use Silver or Spectral dust and scrolls to make Schematics. Schematics can be farmed at Army Outpost.

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