V Rising: How to Plant Seeds to Build a Garden Farm

V Rising is more than just hunting creatures and turning humans into servants. You’ll have to build and manage a base to help you in your quests. You’ll hence be tracking down both enemies and resources to kill and build. The following guide will help you learn how to grow your own garden farm in V Rising and get the seeds of your choice.

How to Plant Seeds in V Rising For Resource Farming

You will need to build a farm to increase the number of supplies for your castle. Start by finding a good grassy area to build your farm. If there is none available, you will have to place Garden Floors to ensure a healthy yield.

Garden Floors need to be unlocked in the game. You will get that recipe by defeating Polora the Feywalker, a level 34 boss in the Farbane Woods. Once you have the recipe, you can begin placing Garden Floors for your farm. When your farm is ready, it comes down to planting seeds and waiting for a yield.

To plant a seed, go to the dirt or Garden Floor area (whichever you have placed for your farm). Open your inventory, select the seed of your choice, and plant it into the ground. You will immediately see a small circle with a crop inside it. Congratulations, you have just planted your first seed. Now you can watch it grow.

How to Get More Seeds

There are two ways to get more seeds to plant on your farm.

The most basic and obvious way is to simply visit a farm (they are scattered all over the map) and harvest crops/plants to get their seeds. You can also find more seeds by opening containers around the farm.

The second way to get more seeds is to defeat bosses that drop seeds as rewards. Not all bosses do that though. You’ll have to interact with your Blood Altar to scout which boss drops seeds upon death.

When you find one, simply track down their blood scent and kill them. Just make sure that you’re not hunting a boss that is several levels above you.

Merchants That Sell Seeds

Following are the Merchants in V Rising that sell seeds:

  • Gavyn the Shady Dealer
  • Berk the Traveling Trader
  • Ottar the Merchant

Seed Farming Tips

Cotton Seeds can be found by smashing boxes and barrels surrounding farms, examining shelves and chests in adjacent houses, and picking plants.

There is another way to collect high-level Seeds. Unfortunately, it isn’t very dependable, but it is a very powerful strategy for accumulating large stacks of various resources. This approach will have you wandering the streets and ports of Silverlight Hills’ Brighthaven, destroying every barrel and cargo you come across

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