V Rising: How to Craft Eye of Twilight and Get Soul Shards

. This guide will tell you complete details about the Soul Shard in V Rising, including how to get them, and what buffs they provide.

Soul Shard is a unique item in V Rising that will provide buffs for different attributes and help you progress smoothly. This guide will tell you complete details about Soul Shards, including how to get them, what buffs they provide, and unique soul shards are discussed as well.

What are Soul Shards in V Rising

Soul Shards are one of the key items that you can find in the V Rising. The Soul Shards are proof that you have managed to defeat the most difficult bosses.

Once you have the Soul Shards, they will provide you with different useful buffs, which will make your overall journey a lot smoother. The Soul Shards can be found more easily on the PvE server. Once you have these unique modifiers, you should use them without any delay.

How to Craft Eye of Twilight

If you are running out and need more Soul Shards, you can, fortunately, craft the Eye of Twilight to find Soul Shards. To craft Eye of Twilight, you need 4 Gold Ingots and 4 Spectral Dust.

Both Gold Ingots and Spectral Dust can be found both in the open world or crafted yourself. You can unlock recipes for both Gold Ingot and Spectral Dust by defeating the bosses in the game.

To unlock the recipe for Gold Ingots, you need to defeat Azariel the Sunbringer, found in Silverlight Hills.

To get the recipe for crafting Spectral Dust and Banshees, you need to defeat Foulrot the Soultaker boss found in the Cursed Forest. If you want to farm Gold Ingots, you’ll have to smelt Gold Jewelry that you get from killing enemies, in areas around Brighthaven Cathedral.

To farm Spectral Dust, you need to kill the Banshee mobs found scattered in the Cursed Forest area. You can farm these locations to get the ingredients for Soul Shards before you get their recipes and are able to craft them yourself.

Once you have gathered the required items, i.e 4 Gold Ingots, and 4 Spectral Dust, you can craft your Eye of Twilight in your furnace.

How to Use Eye of Twilight to Find Soul Shards

With the Eye of Twilight constructed, you can interact with the structure to reveal where you can find the soul shards. These shards will be on bosses or even…other players!

If you are playing on a PvP server, you can only get one Soul Shard of each type because there is only one of each available in PvP mode. So, you’ll have to battle other players for them! In PvE mode, you might find more Soul Shards on different bosses.

The Unique Soul Shards up for grabs are Soul Shard Solarus, Soul Shard of the Behemoth, and the Winged Horror Soul Shard.

Since the location of the Soul Shards will be visible to everyone who has constructed the Eye of Twilight, you’ll have to defend them from raids if you have some.

To actually use a Soul Shard in your possession, you can equip it in your Hotkey Slot and then simply press the designated key to use that Soul Shard. Using Soul Shards will provide different buffs.

Soul Shards Buffs

Soul Shards can provide different types of buffs, and they are all discussed below in detail.

The Winged Horror Soul Shard

The Winged Horror Soul Shard will increase the resistance to silver and fire by 50, increase spell power by 10, and boost critical hit chances by 5%.

Soul Shard of the Behemoth

Soul Shard of the Behemoth will increase the resistance to holy and garlic by 50, increases resource yield by 20%, and increases movement speed by 5%.

Soul Shard Solarus

Soul Shard Solarus buff will increase resistance to the sun by 50, increase physical power by 10, and boost primary melee attack speed by 5%. This buff will last for about 2 hours, and you can also stack this with other buffs.

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