V Rising Base Building Tips, Best Starter Base Build

Building a Base is one of most important missions assigned to you in V Rising. Although handling a base can be a tough job but with a proper strategy, you can surely protect it from the enemies trying to invade it. In this guide, we have given tips on how to build a base in V Rising and have given the Best Starter Base Build.

How to Build Your Base in V Rising

As you venture into V Rising, you’ll come across a mission that assigns you an objective to build a base.

The central point of any base in V Rising is the Castle Heart; accessed via Pressing B > Fundamentals.

Best location to Build Your Base

The location for your base is really important as you don’t want to build your base near a road or near shops.

As soon as you come across an area where you are comfortable building your base, the next step will be destroying as much of the surroundings (rocks, ruins, trees etc.) as possible using your tools.

The reason for this is to empty the overly populated area that prevents you from expanding your territory.


It’s worth mentioning that the reason for destroying trees, rocks and ruins is not exclusive to free up some space as these resources are required to build different types of structures as well.

For more resources, you can check your map to see yellow-colored outlines that represent areas with the most resources to collect.

How to Manage Your Base

Once you’ve found the best area and have placed your Castle Heart, simply press F to open the Character tab and place half of your Blood Essence (dropped by dead enemies) into the Castle Heart’s tab in the Castle Power slots. This way, you’ll generate power throughout your base.

Once your base is fully built, create borders so you have an idea of how much area you have in your possession. Furthermore, make sure to add a Wooden Coffin inside the base since you’ll be respawning quite often during battles.

As mentioned before, make sure to build your base in an area filled with useful resources. This is due to the fact that soon you’ll be expanding your territory and expanding leads you to build more structures and that require items such as Planks and Stone Bricks.

Best Starter Base Build

Once the area is cleaned and there’s enough space to build. The initial structure you’ll be building will be the Castle Heart. Additionally, the most important thing is to create 3×3 grids, then further surround the Heart with Walls that protect it from intruder attacks and will give you extra time to defend your base.

Also, keep in mind that when you’re creating walls around your base, make sure to add a Gate to it in case you need to aboard a fight or need to explore the map.

Despite your base being fully protected from intruders, there’s one thing that can still harm it, and that is the sun. Although there aren’t any walls that can protect your base from the sun, there’s still an item in your Foundation’s tab that can help you.

Simply head over to the tab and craft a Mist Brazier. This item when crafted will consume bones and will protect the area within your base from the scorching sunlight that can damage it.

Castle Layout Tips

Build Stations
The first simple tip is to construct as many stations as possible such as tanneries, sawmills, grinders, and furnaces. You must gather raw materials from throughout the world and place them in furnaces, just as you would put copper ore in a furnace to produce copper bars to construct other items.

Construct Multiple Furnaces
You must build many furnaces and place them all next to one another. It’s better to have two furnaces, but you’ll need three if your clan has four members. As a result, refined materials can be obtained from raw materials.

Construct Storage Chests
Next to your storage production, you must build storage chests. It’s critical to identify your storage chests so you know what you may store in them. Simply click the small pencil icon in the upper right corner of the chest interface to rename it.

Build Floor and Rooms
You may create multiple floors and rooms by hitting the B key. When you place your station in a confined castle room, the crafting and refinement rate rises by 25%. If you create a room with a matching floor, the alchemy table will use 25% fewer resources.

Adding Gates
When playing on a PvE or PvP server, adding gates will prevent enemies and other players from getting entrance to your Castle. While you can allow other players to visit your Castle, they can also use explosives to destroy your gates. To build a gate, you must first design a passageway or entry.

Castle’s location
Building your castle near mines or at high altitudes will provide you access to a variety of mines where you can farm minerals. This allows you to improve your gear and weaponry quite early in the game, assuring your survival till the end.

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