How to Stop Castle Heart Decay in V Rising

V Rising is a survival game and like all survivals, crafting and building up from the ground is a basic game feature. One of the most important items for players to craft and use in the game is a Castle Heart. This guide will introduce you to castle Heart in V Rising and how to maintain it.

Understanding V Rising Castle Heart Decay

Your Castle Heart provides power to all the structures in your castle using the blood inside it.

All your tools, such as the Blood Press, are powered by your Castle Heart. Additionally, the defense of your castle also depends on the Castle Heart.

Unfortunately, over time, the Castle Hearts starts to decay. This means your castle will lose all of its power and defenses. This is the concept of Castle Heart Decay in V Rising.

The degree of the decay can be judged by looking at the red markings that start appearing on your castle wall as the Castle Heart decays more and more.

How Stop Castle Heart Decay

To keep your Castle Heart from decaying away, you need to feed Blood Essence to your Castle Heart. To do so, all you need to do is place Blood Essence in the Castle Heart Slots.


Blood Essence is the main ingredient to keep your Castle Heart active. Every time you head out, make sure you collect as much Blood Essence as you can, and then simply put it in your Castle Heart to keep it active and running.

You need 18 Blood Essence to keep your Castle Heart satisfied for around 2 hours and 30 mins in real-time. With only 180 Blood Essence, you are set for a whole day of fully functional Castle Heart.

Castle Heart Upgrades

Since the Castle Heart proves vital to your castle in V Rising, you should upgrade your Castle Heart. By Upgrading the Castle Heart, you can load in more Blood Essence at any given time, slowing decay.

Upgrading the Castle Heart also expands the Castle Capacity, Border Limit, and Servant limit of your castle.

Once you’ve successfully built your castle into a fully functioning Base, you’ll get a notification to upgrade your Castle Heart.

Press F to head over to the Castle Heart Menu, and you’ll come across a list of items needed to upgrade your Castle Heart.

To upgrade your Castle Heart, you need Copper Ingots and Leather. The first upgrade will cost you 12 Copper Ingots and 12 Leather. The price for each subsequent upgrade will go up as you level up your Castle Heart.

You can find Copper Ingots by smelting copper in a furnace, while you can acquire Leather by defeating the second Boss, “Keely the Frost Archer.” Use your Blood Altar to track the boss’s location and defeat it to acquire Leather for the upgrade.

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