The Witcher 3 Places Of Power Locations (Map)

The following guide will mark the locations of all the Places of Power in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The Places of Power are large runestones that are scattered across the world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Each of these relics allows Geralt to boost the intensity of one of his signs for an entire day. If you interact with a Place of Power for the first time, you will also get an ability point.

There are a total of 15 Places of Power in The Witcher 3 and while the 15 additional ability points are important, it is always advisable to find a closeby Place of Power to boost your signs before taking on a difficult enemy. You can stack multiple Places of Power Buffs.

In the Witcher lore, the Conjunction of the Spheres resulted in different creatures and monsters passing into the world where Geralt lives. The point where these two worlds collided remained in the world as a relic, becoming a Place of Power and providing Geralt with the opportunity to gain strong magic.

Apart from making Geralt stronger, Places of Power in The Witcher 3 can also help players unlock the achievement, “Power Overwhelming“.

The Power Overwhelming Achievement isn’t that tricky if you know the locations of places of power.

When you activate a Place of Power, you will receive a skill point and a significant boost for one of your signs. The only problem is that the effect will last for 30 minutes, so you should activate all the stones quickly one after the other, which is basically the requirement to unlock that achievement.

But the good news is that there is an ample amount of time to do this and you can also use fast travel to make things quicker. The best region to have “Overwhelming Achievement” is “White Orchard”.

The following guide will mark the locations of all the Places of Power in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Where to find Places of Power in The Witcher 3? 

White Orchard Places of Power

White Orchard has a total of six Places of Power locations. Except for two of them in the north, as shown on the map, the remaining are far from each other. You can either take Roach to each location or wait until one of the side quests requires you to visit the same area.

CemeteryIgniMake your way to the Cemetery, and you will find the Igni Place of Power at the mausoleum’s entrance.
Northern WoodsAardHead north from the Cemetery Place of Power. You will find Aard Place of Power in the woods. You will also find a Monster Nest towards the right containing level 2 ghouls.
Western ForestAxiiYou need to reach the thin woods between the Herbalist’s hut and the Nilfgaardian garrison camp. There you will find the Axii Place of Power, and you might have to fight a level 6 Wraith before interacting with the Place of Power. 
Griffin’s NestQuenAfter discovering Griffin’s nest during one of the quests in the game, you need to move South from the nest. Locate two large trees; between them, you will find the Quen Place of Power. 
Abandoned SiteYrdenYou must reach the abandoned site on the road toward the Abandoned Village. The Yrden Place of Power is on the South side of the abandoned site, deep in the trees. You need to eliminate level 6 Bear to activate the place of power.
BattlefieldQuenMake your way toward the opposite side of the battlefield. Reach the locked gate area and move north to find a Ghoul’s nest. Look right next to it, and you will find the Quen Place of Power, completing your quest for The Witcher 3 Place of Power locations in White Orchard.

Velen Places of Power

Velen also has a total of six Places of Power. Most of these can prove challening to reach. You are likely going to find alternative routes around the mountains or defeat enemies in your path.

Lonruk’s IslandQuenYou need to move toward the northwest area of Velen. Cross the Isolated Shack and reach the fortified Island. Drop down from the cliff and swim to the Quen Place of Power which will be right before you.
Elven RuinsYrdenTo reach Yrden Place of Power in Velen, you must complete Wandering in the Dark Quest. Then start the Magic lamp side quest, making it possible to get to the area below the earth. You will find this Place of Power in the Elven ruins and interact with Yrden Place of Power.  
Southern Frischlow MireAardTo reach the Aard Place of Power, you need to move to the Southernmost area of Velen. You will find the Place of Power by moving further South from Frischlow, towards the end of the bog.
Bald MountainQuenYou need to complete the Bald Mountain quest to gain access to the area that contains Quen Place of Power. You will find this Place of Power near Bald Mountain road.
The Ancient OakIgniTo locate the Igni Place of Power, move deep into the woods in the Southeastern area of Velen. Move towards the wood that is next to the Ancient Oak Signpost. Make your way toward the Place of Power and be ready, as you might have to defeat a level 8 werewolf here.
DownwarrenYrdenMove toward the Northwest area of Downwarren town. You need to climb the hilltop and reach the top. On top, you will find the Yrden Place of Power.With this, your search for the Power of Places in the Velen region will be completed in The Witcher 3. 

Novigrad Places of Power

There are only two Places of Power in the Novigrad region. One of them is north of the great Novigrad city while the second one will require you to travel east.

Elector’s SquareIgniMake your way toward the Northern area of Novigrad. Move into the temple and reach the cliff on the Northeast side. You will see the Igni Place of Power right in front of you.
AlnessAxiiMake your way toward the small mountain located towards the southeast of Alness. You will find this mountain next to a road that splits into two. Get on top of the hill to find the Axii Place of Power.

Skellige Isles’ Places of Power

Skellige Isles also have a total of six Places of Power to find. These are probably the most difficult to reach in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt owing to the hilly and mountainous design of the islands.

CrossroadsAxiiThis Place of Power is easy to locate. During your Destination: Skellige quest, move toward the ocean. If you miss it, then move toward the signpost mentioning Skellige Crossroad, and move toward the water area. There you will see Axii Place of Power.
Ancient CryptIgniDuring the portion of Sunstone in the Battle Preparations quest, you will enter a crypt with Philippa. Upon entering, turn toward the right side to locate the Igni Place of Power.
SvorlagIgniYou need to reach the Svorlag town located in the West of Skellige. Reach the town and follow the trail to reach a mountain. You will find an abandoned building next to the mountain, look for the rocks next to the building and climb them. There you will find the Igni Place of Power.
Druid’s CampYrdenFinding this Place of Power is the easiest. Make your way toward the Druid’s camp and move toward the east area. You just need to look in the woods to find the Yrden Place of Power, glowing purple.
GedyneithAardMove east from the Gedyneith Fast Travel point, and take the road that goes around the mountain. Reach the structure by following the road and jump rush into the building. Make your way to the top floor by climbing the rocks on the left side of the building. There you will find Aard Place of Power.
FornhalaAxiiMake your way toward the path that leads to the top and then to the other side of the mountain. While you move down, look toward your right to find the Axii Place of Power. 
HarvikenYrdenMove west from Harviken toward the run-down building road. Only one building is on this side of the area, making it easy to reach. Go there and find the Yrden Place of Power.
The Trail to Yngvar’s FangQuenTo reach this Place of Power, you need to do some work. Make your way toward the trail, and kill the Rock Troll at the start of the trail. Keep moving and slay the flying sirens. Cross the bridge after moving through the trial and enter the building. Take the stairs from the left side and climb the mountain to reach Yngvar’s Fang. There you will find the Quen Place of Power.

Kaer Mohen Places of Power

The only Place of Power in Kaer Mohen can be found while you are doing the Wolf School Gear Scavenger Hunt.

Old SpeartipIgniMake your way through the cliff that holds the Old Speartip. You need to reach the top of the ridge to get the Igni Power of Place.

Toussaint Places of Power

Toussaint has the last five Places of Power in The Witcher 3.

Hortense VineyardAardMake your way toward the west side of the signpost. Reach the south end of the lake to locate the Aard Place of Power.
Termese Palace RuinsQuenMake your way toward the ruins and reach the top of the waterfall by climbing. Then blast through it to find the Quen Place of Power. 
Trading Post BogYrdenUse fast travel to reach the trading post located in the north. Make your way through the bog to find the Yrden Place of Power in the northwest region.   
Father Knows Best SidequestAxiiYou must take on a side quest to reach this Power of Place. Move toward the Rioux-Cannes outpost and travel toward the cave found in the northeast. Get inside the cave and find the Axii Place of Power.
First Ussar RuinsIgniUse the fast travel to reach the Fort Ussar Ruins in the eastern area. Find the cave on the southwest wall, and enter it to find the Igni Place of Power.
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