The Witcher 3 Potions And Decoctions Guide

Complete details about all Potions and Decoctions in The Witcher 3, including their locations, effects, and recipes.

Potions and decoctions in The Witcher 3 provide power boosts, like increased damage, better accuracy, superior vision, etc. You can upgrade some potions to enhanced and superior versions by getting their crafting diagrams for better stats.

You can find diagrams for Potions in different chests while exploring the world or purchase them from herbalists or alchemy stores. However, to get Decoctions diagrams, you must find them in chests or buy torn-out pages. You can also learn their recipe by reading different books.

The other difference between Potions and Decoction is that you cannot upgrade decoction. Moreover, the decoction uses monster mutagen to give you power—decoctions also last longer than regular potions in The Witcher 3.

Once you have crafted a Potion, you can use it anytime by selecting it from your inventory. You can even assign Potions to Hotkeys for quick use. To replenish potions, you must meditate while having pure alcohol (alcohest) in your inventory.

Potions may seem an excellent way to get temporary boosts, but excess potions can negatively affect you. Using too many Potions and decoctions will increase your toxicity. As your toxicity rises, your health will start draining automatically, meaning that the more potions and decoctions you take, the weaker you get.

You can reduce your toxicity levels in The Witcher 3 using White Honey and Superior White Honey. This will remove all your toxicity and any active potion effects. If you are looking for a potion diagram and recipe to craft it, you can come to the right place.

This guide will cover all potions and decoctions in The Witcher 3, along with their recipes, effects, and locations where you can find them.

The Witcher 3 Potions Recipes, Effects, and Locations

Alghoul decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x5 Lesser red mutagen, x1 Alghoul bone marrow, x1 Buckthorn.Until the first attack by the enemy, your adrenaline points will be generated quickly.To get the formula you need to read a book, “Ghouls and Alghouls.” You can purchase it from a bookseller in Novigrad.
Ancient leshen decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Ancient leshen mutagen, x1 Mandrake root, x1 Ginatia petals, x1 HoneysuckleWith this decoction, the sign cast will increase the stamina regen.  You can find its diagram from a chest in “White Orchard.” Other random locations can have it as well.
Arachas decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Arachas mutagen, x1 White myrtle petals.This will lower the damage taken if you carry fewer items in inventory and wear light armor.The Novigrad Herbalist sells the diagram of this potion in The Witcher 3.
Archgriffin decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Archgriffin mutagen, x1 Ribleaf, x1 Blowball.This will consume stamina and reduce enemy vitality by an additional 5%.Random Chests
Basilisk decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Basilisk mutagen, x1 Blowball, x1 Fool’s parsley leaves, x1 Beggartick blossoms.Long-lasting decoction that increases the sign intensity during dusk and dawn.To find its diagram you need to head west from “Heatherton.” On the way, you will spot a Tower that has its diagram.
Bear pheromonesx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Berbercane fruit, x1 Ergot seeds, x1 Hellebore petalsProtection from bears.You can use the “console command or mods” to get it.
Black Bloodx1 Dwarven spirit, x2  Sewant mushrooms, x4  Ghoul’s blood.This potion in The Witcher 3 allows you to turn back 15% of the damage done to you by Necrophages and Vampires.You can get it from Herbalist in Novigrad. The location where you can find it is “Drahim Castle basement.”  
Blizzardx1 Dwarven spirit, x5 White myrtle petals, x1 Golem’s heartIt will slow down time by 20%. This is after patch 4.0. Halfling Herbalist merchant in the Novigrad sells it. You can also get it from the “Refugees’ Camp” near Lindenvale.
Catx1 Dwarven spirit, x4 Berbercane fruit, x2 Water essence.You can use the potion for complete resistance against the stagger effect.You have it from the start.
Chort decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Chort mutagen, x1 Puffball, x1 CortinariusYou can use the potion for a complete resistance against the stagger effect.You will get this potion diagram during “Contract: Mysterious Tracks” in The Witcher 3.
Cockatrice decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Cockatrice mutagen, x1 Crow’s eyeAllow you to use alchemy creations one more time.To get the formula you need to read a book called “Remarks on Basilisks and Cockatrices.”
Doppler decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Doppler mutagen, x1 Han fiber, x1 Longrube.Increase damage by 50% when attacked from behind.  Another diagram that you get after reading a specific book. To find the book defeat “Nithral” and enter “Elven Mage Laboratory” to find a chest with this book.
Drowner pheromonesx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Drowner brain, x1 Sewant mushrooms, x1 PuffballPrevent Drowners from attacking you.You can purchase it from Herbalist at different locations like “Kaer Trolde.“
Earth elemental decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Earth elemental mutagen, x1 Balisse fruit, x1 PringrapeGives you extra protection against vitality-depleting attacks.Clear the “Refugees Camp” in Velen to buy it from the Herbalist.
Ekhidna decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Ekhidna mutagen, x1 Ribleaf, x1 Berbercane fruit.You will get back Vitality while consuming Stamina.To get the diagram of “Ekhidna Decoction” in The Witcher 3 you need to read a book. The book is called “Journey to the End of the World.”
Ekimmara decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Ekimmara mutagen, x1 White myrtle petals, x1 Mandrake root.Attacking enemies will help you with Vitality regen.  You can get it from chests in “Ransacked Village” or “White Orchard.”
Enhanced Black Bloodx1 Alcohest, x1 Black Blood, x1 Hellebore petals, x5 Sewant mushrooms, x5 Ghoul’s blood.20% of the damage done by Vampires and Necrophages will return to them.“Elector’s Square merchant” and “Halfling Herbalist” in Novigrad sell it.
Enhanced Blizzardx1 Alcohest, x1 Blizzard, x1 Celandine, x5 White myrtle petals, x1 Golem’s heartThis will slow down time by 30%. (After Patch 4.0)You can find it in the Oxenfurt Drunk contract. Novigrad Herbalist also sells it.  
Enhanced Catx1 Alcohest, x1 Cat, x5 Berbercane fruit, x1 Cortinarius, x3 Water EssenceIt Protects you from Hypnosis and increases vision range by 25.A Rannvaig Alchemist sells this Potion diagram in The Witcher 3.  
Enhanced Full Moonx1 Alcohest, x1 Full Moon, x2  Crow’s eye, x5 Wolfsbane, x2 Dark essence.Increase Max Vitality to 650 and 1100 in normal gameplay and New Game+ respectively.A herbalist in Novigrad sells it.
Enhanced Golden Oriolex1 Alcohest, x1 Golden Oriole, x6 Blowball, x1 Celandine, x2 Light essenceIncrease the immunity to poison and increase its effects.Buy it from Herbalist in Rennvaig.
Enhanced Maribor Forestx1 Alcohest, x1 Maribor Forest, x5 Berbercane fruit, x1 Crow’s eye, x2 Drowner tongue.Boost Adrenaline Points by 0.15.Herbalist in Novigrad sells this Potion Diagram.
Enhanced Petri’s Philterx1 Alcohest, x1 Petri’s Philter, x6 Arenaria, x1 Buckthorn, x2 Specter dustThis will give a 20% sign intensity boost.Sold by the Halfling Herbalist in Novigrad
Enhanced Swallowx1 Alcohest, x1 Swallow, x6 Celandine, x4  White myrtle petals, x5 Drowner brain.This will boost the Vitality Regen that will stop for 2s when you receive damage.This diagram is in the underwater cave that takes you to “Lornuk Castle.”
Enhanced Tawny Owlx1 Alcohest, x1 Tawny Owl, x4  Verbena, x2 Wolfsbane, x1 Arachas venom.Boost the stamina regeneration in combat by 8%.  You can buy it from a herbalist south of “Hierarch Square.”
Enhanced Thunderboltx1 Alcohest, x1 Thunderbolt, x2 Cortinarius, x1 Fool’s parsley leaves, x2 Endrega embryo.This will boost the Attack power by 30% for an extended duration.You can get this diagram during the “Ladies of the Wood” side quest in Ancient Oak.
Enhanced White Honeyx1 Alcohest, x1 White Honey, x2 Honeysuckle, x1 White myrtle petalsHelps cancel the potion effects and clear Toxicity.The Herbalist south of the “Hierarch Square” sells its diagram.
Enhanced White Raffard’s Decoctionx1 Alcohest, x1 White Raffard’s Decoction, x4 Ribleaf, x1 Bryonia, x5 Nekker heart.Give a 60% and 80% Vitality regen in regular and New Game+ respectively.Halfling Herbalist, Novigrad
Fiend decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Fiend mutagen, x1 Hellebore petals, x1 Fool’s parsley leaves, x1 ArenariaBoost the carrying capacity.  Read a book, “Beasts of Tukaj Foothills” to get the formula.  
Foglet decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Foglet mutagen, x1 Fool’s parsley leaves, x1 BlowballGive a 25% boost to sign intensity during clouds.You can buy it from “Druid Shopkeeper Yonar” in Gedyneith.
Forktail decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Forktail mutagen, x1 Moleyarrow, x1 Bryonia.Combining various attacks combination grants you a bonus that increases AP.  You can find the diagram of this decoction in The Witcher 3 inside a chest in “Monster Dens.”
Full Moonx1 Dwarven spirit, x2 Wolfsbane, x1 Dark essenceBoost max vitality by 300 and 600 in normal and New Game+ respectively.   Herbalist, Novigrad.
Golden Oriolex1 Dwarven spirit, x4 Blowball, x1 Light essenceNeutralizes poison and grants immunity.  You can find this Potion diagram on the top floor of “Fyke Isle Tower.”
Grave hag decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Grave hag mutagen, x1 Longrube, x1 Cortinarius.During battle each enemy you kill will boost the Vitality regen.You can get and buy it from different locations like Refugees’ Camp and Herbalists in Velen.
Griffin decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Griffin mutagen, x1 Oil, x1 Bryonia, x1 Wolf’s liverYou will get 1% resistance to Slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning, Monsters, and Elemental damage.Herbalist, Novigrad.
Katakan decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Katakan mutagen, x1 Verbena, x1 ArenariaThis Potion in The Witcher 3 gives a 10% boost to crit damage.  Random Chests.  
Killer Whalex2  Dwarven spirit, x5 Balisse fruit, x6 Buckthorn, x5 Drowner tongue.Increase vision and breath supply while underwater.This potion diagram is inside a shipwreck in Ark Skellige.
Leshen decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Leshen mutagen, x1 Moleyarrow, x1 Pringrape10% of the damage from enemies’ attacks will return to them.Random Chests in the World.
Maribor Forestx1 Dwarven spirit, x3 Berbercane fruit, x1 Alghoul bone marrow, x4  Drowner tongue.Maribor Forest potion will give a 0.15 “Adrenaline Points” boost.You can buy it from the Herbalist in Novigrad by spending 25 crowns.
Nekker pheromonesx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Green mold, x1 Drowner brain, x1 Moleyarrow.This will give you protection against Nekker and they will not attack you.Obtained through a Console Command.
Nekker warrior decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Nekker warrior mutagen, x1 Fool’s parsley leaves, x1 Ranogrin.This will prevent Mounts from panicking, and you will deal 50% more damage in combats while mounted.  You can either read a book called “World Underground” or buy this decoction diagram in The Witcher 3 from a Herbalist.
Nightwraith decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Nightwraith mutagen, x1 Mistletoe, x1 Sewant mushroomsThis will boost vitality with each kill and it will last until you meditate or fast travel.Can be purchased from the Herbalists at “Refugees Camp.”
Noonwraith decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Noonwraith mutagen, x1 Ginatia petals, x1 Ergot seeds.This will limit the duration of “Knockdown, Stun, Blindness, and Hypnosis.”  You can buy this potion diagram from Herbalist in “Kaer Trolde.”
Petri’s Philterx1 Dwarven spirit, x5 Arenaria, x1 Specter dustGives a 15% boost to all sign intensities.Head to the basement of “Drahim Castle” to get its diagram.
Pops’ mold antidotex4  White myrtle petals, x1 Celandine, x1 Hellebore petalsYou will get immunity against “Pop’s Mold” for a short time.You can get it as a reward during Count Reuven’s treasure quest.
Potion of Clearance This potion will allow you to reset ability points so you can redistribute them in The Witcher 3.This will cost you a whooping 1000 Crowns. You can get it from two merchants, “Keira Metz and Yonar.”
Reinald’s Philterx1 Dwarven spirit, x4 Celandine, x1 Reinald’s Secret Ingredient.This will increase the Sign Intensity and Stamina regeneration by 15% and 10% respectively, during combats.To get this formula, you need to read “Reinald’s Second letter,” which you can find during In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow quest.
Reliever’s decoctionx5 Dwarven spirit, x4 Lesser red mutagen, x4 Lesser green mutagen, x4 Lesser blue mutagen, x1 Essence of wraith.You can use this potion to boost the damage dealt and decrease the damage the Wraiths will deal to you.You can find it Southwest of Ferry Station in Velen.
Soured milk Soured Milk allows you to return 15% of the enemy’s damage to them.You can get it by using the console command.
Succubus decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Succubus mutagen, x1 Green mold, x1 Allspice.This will boost your attack throughout the fight.You can get it in two ways. One by reading a book called “Journey to the End of the World.” Secondly, you can get it by paying herbalists in Kaer Trolde.
Superior Black Bloodx1 White Gull, x1 Enhanced Black Blood, x5 Hellebore petals, x5 Sewant mushrooms, x1 Han fiber, x1 Nostrix, x1 Rebis.This potion in The Witcher 3 makes Necrophages and Vampire bleed while near you. Even your blood will deal damage to them.You can visit the “Gremist” in Skellige to buy the Superior Black blood potion diagram.  
Superior Blizzardx1 White gull, x1 Enhanced Blizzard, x4 Celandine, x4  White myrtle petals, x1 Sewant mushrooms, x1 Buckthorn, x1 Rebis.Slow down times when you take out an enemy. Moreover, your stamina will not be depleted if you have 3 “Adrenaline Points.”You can visit the “Gremist” in Skellige to buy the Blizzard potion diagram.  
Superior Catx1 White gull, x1 Enhanced Cat, x4  Berbercane fruit, x4  Cortinarius, x1 Moleyarrow, x1 Allspice, x1 AetherThis will give you the ability to see in the dark and immunity to hypnosis for extra time. Visit the Alchemist in “Rannvaig” and purchase by spending Crowns.
Superior Full Moonx1 White gull, x1 Enhanced Full Moon, x1 Mistletoe, x1 Verbena, x4  Crow’s eye, x4 Wolfsbane, x1 Quebrith.This will not just boost Vitality but increase the duration as well.You can visit the “Gremist” in Skellige to buy the Superior Full Moon potion diagram.  
Superior Golden Oriolex1 White gull, x1 Enhanced Golden Oriole, x4  Blowball, x4 Celandine, x1 Han fiber, x1 Ranogrin, x1 Quebrith.The Superior Golden Oriole will allow you to heal by poison instead of taking damage.You can visit the “Gremist” in Skellige to buy the diagram.  
Superior Maribor Forestx1 White gull, x1 Enhanced Maribor Forest, x4  Berbercane fruit, x4  Crow’s eye, x1 Hellebore petals, x1 Ribleaf, x1 VermilionBoost the “Adrenaline Points” generation duration.You can visit the “Gremist” in Skellige to buy the diagram.  
Superior Petri’s Philterx1 White gull, x1 Enhanced Petri’s Philter, x4  Arenaria, x4 Buckthorn, x1 Longrube, x1 Ranogrin, x1 Rubedo.This will give a 25% boost to the Sign Intensity for more duration than Enhanced Petri’s Philter.You can get it from Gremist in “Skellige.” Moreover, you can find it inside the sunken chest just northeast of Ursten.
Superior Swallowx1 White gull, x1 Enhanced Swallow, x6 Berbercane fruit, x6 White myrtle petals, x4 Celandine, x4  Crow’s eye, x2  VitriolBoost the Vitality generation even when taking damage by 80 and 150 in normal and New Game+ respectively.Visit the “Gremist” in Skellige to buy the diagram.  
Superior Tawny Owlx1 White gull, x1 Enhanced Tawny Owl, x4  Verbena,  x4 Wolfsbane, x1 Fool’s parsley leaves, x1 Mandrake root, x1 Sewant mushrooms.This will boost stamina regen by 10% during combats.Gremist in “Skellige” will sell you its diagram.
Superior Thunderboltx1 White gull, x1 Enhanced Thunderbolt, x4  Cortinarius, x4  Fool’s parsley leaves, x1 Verbena, x1 Bryonia, x1 Quebrith.This potion in The Witcher 3 gives you a 100% Crit hit chance during Storms.  Pay the Gremist and you will get the diagram of this potion.
Superior White Honeyx1 White gull, x1 Enhanced White Honey, x4  Honeysuckle, x4  White myrtle petals, x1 Balisse fruit, x1 Hellebore petals, x1 VitriolCancels the Potion effects and clears Toxicity.  Gremist, Skellige
Superior White Raffard’s Decoctionx1 White gull, x1 Enhanced White Raffard’s Decoction, x4 Ribleaf, x4  Bryonia, x1 Pringrape, x1 Bison grass, x1 Vermilion.Restores Vitality and grants immunity to damage. However, it only lasts for a short duration.From chests inside a damaged building in “Kaer Morhen” east of the lake, Or you can buy it from Herbalist in Oxenfurt.  
Swallowx1 Dwarven spirit, x5 Celandine, x1 Drowner brainBoosts Vitality regen that pauses for 2s while taking damage.  You have its diagram from the start.
Tawny Owlx1 Dwarven spirit, x2 Verbena, x1 Arachas venomThis will boost the stamina regen by 5%.  Just south of the “Ransacked Village” road sign, you will find it near the water in “While Orchard.”  
The Decoctions of the Grassesx1 Forktail spinal fluid, x1 Manticore poison gland, x1 Albino bruxa tongue, x1 Bryonia, x1 Ribleaf, x1 Mandrake. You get it during the quest, and it is used by Uma to break a curse. Yennefer gives you its formula.  
Thunderboltx1 Dwarven spirit, x2 Cortinarius, x1 Endrega embryoThis boosts the attack power by 30%.You have this potion recipe in The Witcher 3 from the start.
Troll decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Troll mutagen, x1 Crow’s eye, x1 HoneysuckleProvides you with Vitality regen during and after fights.Got by reading a book called, “World Underground.”  
Water hag decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Water hag mutagen, x1 Berbercane fruitBoost the damage dealt at max Vitality.Clear the Abandoned Site and then you can purchase it from the Herbalist at “Shore Near Hangman’s Alley.”  
Werewolf decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Werewolf mutagen, x1 Beggartick blossoms, x1 Hop umbels.During a clear night, you get a massive stamina regen with this decoction in The Witcher 3.You can get the Diagram of this decoction from a chest in the “Bandit Camp” southwest of “Refugees’ Camp.”  
White Honeyx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 HoneysuckleThis will cancel the effects of “Active Potions” and clear Toxicity.You have its recipe from the start so you just have to craft it.
White Raffard’s Decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x2 Ribleaf, x4  Nekker heartYou will get a 35% and 60% Vitality restoration during normal and New Game+.Herbalist northeast of “Oxenfurt” will sell you the diagram of this decoction in The Witcher 3.
Wolven Hour You can use it to lower the required level by 3. After the patch, you will get it from the start.
Wraith decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Wraith mutagen, x1 Blowball, x1 Nostrix.It will activate a “Quen Shield” when a single hit drains one-third of Vitality.Clear the abandoned Site, and then you can buy it from the Herbalist at “Refugees’ Camp.”
Wyvern decoctionx1 Dwarven spirit, x1 Wyvern mutagen, x1 Moleyarrow, x1 CelandineEach attack of yours will increase AP until you kill the opponent or take damage.You can buy it from “Yonar” in Gedyneith.
Potion of RestorationNot Craftable, you have to purchase it.Allow you to regain all “Ability Points” spent on mutations so you can relocate them. This is only available in the Blood and Wine DLC of The Witcher 3, and you can purchase it from Herablists in Beauclair, Castel Ravello, Coronata Vineyard, and Hortense Vineyard for 1,000 Crowns.  
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