Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Zonaite Spear Locations

A relic of the distant past, Zonaite Spear can be a deadly weapon when fused with zonai devices.

Zonaite Spear in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is among the best Spears in the game due to its passive ability. This Zonaite-powered spear has a base attack power of 4 and a Durability of 22. However, fusing it with zonai objects like Flux Construct Core can exponentially increase its attacking abilities.

This excellent spear can also be fused with almost 73 objects to make an even crazier set of weapons that will surely surprise your enemies.

The in-game description about this weapon says, “A Zonai spear made of Zonaite. It resonates with attached Zonai devices that slightly increase its attack power”. You must be excited to find it after learning all the information about this spear.

You don’t have to worry; we will cover all the locations where you can find the Zonaite Spear in the game.

Where to find Zonaite Spear in Zelda: TotK

The Zonaite Spear can be found in multiple locations. We have listed them all in detail below.

Eldin Sky Archipelago

This Zonaite Spear is on a small Eldin Sky Archipelago Island. Now, to reach this island, you have to fulfill one requirement. The requirement is unlocking the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower in Zelda TotK.

Once you can access this Skyview tower, go inside it and stand on the circular switch to launch yourself into the sky. To know precisely which island to land on, consider these coordinates (1856, 2887, 0754).

South Eldin Sky Archipelago

This Zonaite Spear is in the leftmost or western corner of the South Eldin Sky Archipelago in Zelda TotK. On the opposite island of this position is also Kadaunar Shrine.

To reach this series of islands, you must launch yourself from the nearest Skyview tower to do a high jump for landing. The nearest tower you can spot is Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower.

Coordinates: (1710, 1195, 0544)

Near Utojis Shrine

Utojis Shrine can be found in Tobio’s Hollow Cave (1217, -2542, 0096) in the East Necluda region. However, this shrine can only be accessed after completing the Legend of the Soaring Spear shrine quest.

To solve this quest, you must fuse a Keese Wing with a spear and throw it through a green ring. There are a couple of Zonaite Spears present in the region that you can use to complete the quest.

Treasure Chest in Kiuyoyou Shrine

Kiuyoyou Shrine is Northwest of Central Hyrule and Northeast of Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. It is in Rowan’s Plain, whose coordinates are (-1106, 2087, 0104).

The only treasure chest of this shrine contains a Zonaite Spear as a reward.

Zonaite Sword Stats

Zonaite Sword is resistant to flame but can attract electricity. It has the following stats in the game.

  • Affiliation: Zonai People
  • Weapon Type: Two-Handed Spear
  • Base Damage: 4
  • Passive Ability: Zonaite-Powered (damage output increases by 10 when fused with a zonai device like Soldier Construct Horn)
  • Hyrule Compendium Number: 435
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