How To Defeat Moragia In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Moragia boss will appear after reaching the peaks of Death Mountain and completing the third objective for the ...

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Moragia boss will appear after reaching the peak of the Death Mountain and completing the third objective for the main story quest Yunobo of Goron City. There will be a more extended cutscene between Link and Yunobo.

Shortly after the cutscene of this chitchat with Goron Yunobo ends, the next boss, aka Moragia, rising from the Death Mountain crater, appears at the topmost cliff of the mountain. Read our guide below to understand Moragia’s attacks and how to defeat the unusual boss in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to defeat Moragia in Zelda TotK

As Moragia appears above your ground, it will start throwing lava beams and burning rocks at you (and all over the mountain). Immediately ran to search for a Zonai Wing, a flying vehicle with four fans on its back. You can find this handy device on the lower edge of the mountaintop, near the wooden/metallic platform.

Unlike your paraglider, this device does not consume your stamina to fly in the air. It also does not need any Zonai battery in Tears of the Kingdom for its mechanical running. Pretty cool, right?

Having found the Zonai Wing, use Link’s Ultrahand ability to grab and lift it to the ridge. Ensure the steering wheel/handle faces the opposite side of the mountain wall. Now step into the vehicle and start floating in the air. Of course, don’t forget to take Yunobo with you.

Destroy Moragia’s three heads

Try to avoid the incoming lava rocks as much as possible. When you are high enough in the air, let your chubby friend take control of the situation. Just help him by going very close to Moragia’s head and pressing the A key.


By doing this, Yunobo in Zelda TotK starts launching his rolling attacks on the boss. Only one rolling strike will be enough to destroy one head. It is time to go for the other two heads. Note that you have infinite tries of launching Yunobo at the boss, so there is no need to lose hope if some of your shots fail.

With all three heads being destroyed, the boss fights with Moragia in Zelda TotK ends, and you are free to go for the fifth objective, i.e., to explore and unlock the Fire Temple.

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