How To Reach The End Of Thunderhead Isles In Zelda: TotK

Getting to Thunderhead Isles in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is easy but reaching the end to find Dragonhead Island isn't...

After finishing the Electric garb puzzle given by the Serpent Statue in Dracozu Lake, a new floating archipelago shaped like a dragon will appear in the sky. Reaching this Dragonhead Island at the end of Thunderhead Isles in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is the last piece of the objective to complete the Secret of the Ring Ruins quest and find the fifth Sage.

Fast travel to Popla Foothills Skyview Tower to find Calip napping in his tent. Use the Skyview Tower once again to be propelled into the sky. Turn Southward and use your glider to reach the Thunderhead Isles.

Find the Glide Armor Set to reach as far, in the Thunderhead Isles, as possible during the initial run. The journey from Popla Foothills Skyview Tower to Dragonhead Island is a long one. And you will need Tulin’s Wind Gust ability to make it safely to the isles.

How to Reach the End of Thunderhead Isles in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Before making this journey, we recommend cooking a lot of foods and elixirs with Slip Resistance. It rains non-stop in Thunderhead Isles, making it practically impossible to climb its steep walls. Remove any weapon or shield that attracts lightning strikes.

The objective here is to reach the final island of Thunderhead Isles, shaped like a dragon’s head, conveniently named Dragonhead Island. The island is near Joku-u shrine. You will be using the Ascend ability a lot to traverse this area.

From the first Isle, use the Ascend ability to reach the top of the first stone structure. From there, glide South to cover as much distance as possible. Don’t attempt to climb the walls unless you have enough Slip Resistance.

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Soon, you will reach a floating isle with a small pond in its center. Once again use your Ascend ability to climb the rock hanging above it. You will encounter an orange switch a little bit to the South. This switch can be activated with any electricity-based weapon. Throw a yellow Chuchu jelly at it to save arrows. The platform will push Link to the next Isle.

Halfway through the journey, turn right to find another orange it. Activate it to open a trap door. Drop down and open the treasure chest to obtain an Old Map, for a treasure in the depths below the Thunderhead Islands.

There is also another treasure chest just before this area, from which you can obtain a Topaz gemstone.

Leave the area using Ascend ability and continue your journey Southward. Beware of Soldier Constructs 4, as they are one of the strongest foes the game has to offer. You can use building materials and ancient zonai devices to make your journey a bit less tedious.

Don’t use metallic components for building constructs, as the lightning strikes on Thunderhead Isles are especially cruel.

Open another treasure chest, placed on a pillar in the center of a lake, to obtain Shock Emitter capsule. Travel through the area to find Joku-usin shrine as marked on the map.

This shrine can be used as an active teleport point, in case you want to leave the Thunderhead Isles. Opposite to the shrine is a Device Dispenser that you can use to collect a lot of useful capsules.

Head South to come across a mini-boss battle against the Flux Construct 3. Target the glowing opening in the shifting cube with shock arrows to stun it. Use your most powerful weapons to take it down. The reward for defeating this boss is another Old Map.

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Finding the Dragonhead island in Zelda TotK

Keep going south until you reach the highest Isle in Thunderhead Isles. Look down Southeast to find a Shrine on the isle shaped like a Dragon’s head. Use your glider to reach Joku-u shrine. Complete this blessing shrine and leave the area by opening the gate to the North.

You will need at least 10 spare heart containers to open this locked gate. In the next room, you will find an altar with a strange-looking device. Interact with the altar to obtain the ancient Zonai Relic.

Take this relic and follow its light to find the fifth sage. This will mark the end of Link’s journey through the Thunderhead Isles, and you are ready to begin Guidance From Ages Past.

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