Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Tauro Location And Electric Garb Puzzle Solution

Secret of the Ring Ruins has four phases, and solving the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Serpent Statue Riddle to find electric garb...

During his quest to find the Fifth Sage, Link comes across the ancient Ring Ruins in Kakariko Village, which activates the “Secret of the Ring Ruins” main quest. Secret of the Ring Ruins has four phases, and solving the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom serpent statue riddle to wear electric garb with the help of Tauro, is the penultimate step that can be completed in the ruins of Dracozu Lake.

This quest takes Link across Necluda and its thunderous regions to find the next piece of the puzzle with the help of Zonai expert, Tauro.

Where to find Tauro in Zelda TotK

After taking a picture of the Stone Slab in Kakariko Village and activating Popla Foothills Skyview Tower, talk to Calip standing near a camp at the base of the Skyview Tower. He will mention that Tauro has already left to visit Zonai ruins near Dracozu Lake. Head Southeast to reach Dracozu Lake and find Tauro inside Zonai ruins.

Smoke from Tauro’s campfire can be noticed from afar. He won’t be available in the camp and has left his diary for Calip. Read Tauro’s diary to get a clue about his whereabouts. Enter the cave before the camp to find Tauro and talk to him to start the Serpent Statue Riddle in Zelda TotK.

He will give Link two clues from the ancient mural he is studying. The first clue is to find Electric Garb from the caves, inside statues marked like dragon heads, along the bank of Dracozu Lake. The next clue from the ancient mural talks about placing a Zonai charge on an altar after equipping the whole Charged Set.

Where to find Charged armor set for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom electric garb puzzle

Tauro will tell Link about a Zonai treasure chest present in the same cave. This will update the “Secret of the Ring Ruins” main quest with a new objective. Open the treasure chest to obtain the Charged Shirt. Equip the shirt and talk to Tauro again.

He will tell Link that it is the same dress the person wears in the mural performing a ritual. Tauro will then request Link to find the remaining pieces of the gear.

The remaining pieces of the Charged Gear can be found, in the treasure chests, inside the caves along the bank of Dracozu Lake. The lake is shaped like a Serpent when viewed on the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom map.

The entrance of these caves is marked by bright white lights produced by giant blightbloom seeds, and they can be noticed from a distance.

To find the Charged Trousers, turn left from the cave Tauro is in. Keep going along the bank of Dracozu Lake. Link will come across a lot of Lizalfos in this area. Take them down and enter the cave to the right. A breakable boulder blocks the entrance to the cave.

Either use Bomb Arrows or Rock Fused weapons to clear the path. Alternatively, you can destroy the boulder by using Yunobo’s Power of Fire ability. Open the Zonai Treasure Chest in the cave to obtain Charged Trousers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

For the Charged Headdress, keep going along the flow of Lake Dracozu until you pass a broken bridge. Keep going straight; you will notice another cave entrance to the left. Use a sharp sword to cut the vines blocking the path. Open the Zonai Treasure Chest on the altar to obtain the Charged Headdress.

Destroy Ancient Soldiers Constructs

From the same cave, swim straight by swimming through the lake until you encounter some ancient soldier constructs. Destroy them to obtain a Zonai Charge in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Turn back and go right on the slope to find your way across the blocked path.

Keep going straight until you come across another Lizalfos camp. The entrance to the last cave is in the same area, but a bit farther to the right. Enter the cave and place a Zonai charge on the altar while wearing the Charged Gear to start a new cutscene.

This will activate all the dragon heads in the area, and they will use lightning to disperse the clouds. A new Island in the sky will appear before Link. Tauro and Calip will join Link, and he will explain the whole situation to them.

This will end the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Serpent Riddle of Dracozu Lake. The final phase of the “Secret of the Ring Ruins” will start, requiring Link to reach the end of Thunderhead Isles in Sky Island.

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