Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Joku-Usin Shrine Walkthrough

The Joku-Usin shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is one of the 152 shrines in the game. Like all shrines in Zelda TotK, this will help fast travel across the map. This shrine finds its home in the Thunderhead Isles (Faron Grasslands Sky) and teaches you how to deal with lightning-powered enemies. Our guide below will help you find and solve the Joku-Usin shrine to get the rewards at the end.

Where to find the Joku-Usin Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Joku-Usin Shrine is easily accessible from Popla Foothills Skyview Tower. You can launch from this tower and turn southwards to reach Thunderhead Isles. Then, you can use a cart with a fan to go near the Isles and use Ascend ability of Link below the shrine location to get Joku-Usin shrine.

Coordinates: 1075, 3348, 0800

The rainy atmosphere of Thunderhead Isles makes it impossible to see more than a couple of meters away. Moreover, lightning from the sky strikes every few seconds and can hit you if you carry metallic equipment. So remove all the iron shields, weapons, and bows beforehand.

You can access the Joku-usin shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom by brute force, but it is highly recommended to clear the rain in the area beforehand. This can be done by completing the Secret of the Ring Ruins quest from Kakariko Village.

How to solve the Joku-Usin Shrine in Zelda: TotK

The Joku-usin shrine puzzle solution is pretty easy, as well as tricky at the same time. As the trial name Proving Grounds: Short Circuit suggests, you must deal with enemies with electric abilities. You will be stripped of all your previous equipment, and only a handful of weapons will be given to proceed.


Step 1: Eliminate the Initial Constructs

Take the Wooden Stick from your left side and head to the first stone block. Defeat the two constructs that will be waiting for your arrival. Don’t forget to pick Shock Fruit in Tears of the Kingdom from the plants in the following stone sequence, as it will be very helpful later.

There are three more constructs on the upper platform. Carefully kill these enemies using shock fruit and wooden weapons in Tears of the Kingdom.

Step 2: Defeat the Constructs on pillars

You can see two stone pillars on both sides of the current platform. Using the Ascend ability, get to these pillars one after the other and defeat these enemies. After killing all the enemies in this shrine in Zelda TotK, all your equipment items are returned to you.

Climb the wooden ladder on the right and use the newly opened gate to reach the shrine room. You will get Electro Elixir from the treasure chest in this room. After that, interact with Sigil to obtain the Light of Blessing. This is how you can solve the Joku-Usin shrine puzzle in Zelda TotK.

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