Where To Find Gacha Gumball Dispensers In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

There are a total of nine Gacha Gumball Dispensers to find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Here are their locations.

An exciting mechanic in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the enormous Gacha Gumball Device Dispenser that gives out Zonai devices instead of gum!

Adding an element of Gacha to the game, these machines require Zonai Materials and as soon as you put Zonai Materials in them, they give off Zonai devices in bubbles that look much like gum.

To use a Gacha Gumball Machine you must possess Zonai Materials such as the Zonai Charge, Zonite, Large Zonite, and Large Zonai Charge. These materials can be fed to the machine to obtain useful devices such as an Electric fan, battery, cart, rocket, and many more. Link can even build a vehicle using these Gacha Gumball dispensers to obtain the required devices.

There are a total of 9 Gacha Gumball Machines located throughout the game and you need to spot all of them. So without further ado, let’s look into the locations of these Gumball Machines.

Gacha Gumball Dispenser locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Considering their enormous size, these Gacha Gumball Machines are hard to miss. There are 9 of them in Zelda TOTK and 8 of them are found in Sky Islands.

Great Sky Island Gumball Dispenser

This will probably be the first Gacha Gumball Dispenser you come across in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You visit the Great Sky Island early on in the game and this is where you find this Zonai Dispenser.

This machine will also offer you a tutorial on how to use it. Devices dropped from this machine include a portable pot, flame emitter, fan, and wing.

Auror Island Gumball Dispenser

There is another Gumball Dispenser in Auror Sky Island that gives off hover stone, mirror, wing, balloon, and spring.

Southern Hyrule Sky Islands Gumball Dispenser

In Southern Hyrule Sky Island, you will see a huge Gumball Machine that will give off useful devices such as a time bomb, rocket, small tire, and light upon the provision of Zonai materials.

Courage Island Gumball Dispenser

The Zonai dispenser in Courage Island provides four devices. These include a time bomb, fan, balloon, and portable pot.

Western Hateru Sky Islands Gumball Dispenser

Another Gacha Gumball Dispenser is found in the Western Hateru Sky Islands that gives off only 3 devices in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. These include the balloon, construct head, and cart.

Water Spring Island Gumball Dispenser

The huge gumball machine in Water Spring Island will give off an electric fan, battery, wing, and hover stone.

Thunder Island Gumball Dispenser

Another Sky Island containing the Gacha Gumball Machine is Thunder Island. The machine on this island can provide a shock emitter, battery, fan, and portable pot.

Minakkare Sky Island Gumball Dispenser

While venturing through the Minakkare Sky Island, you will find another Zonai Device Dispenser that will give off 5 devices. These devices include a construct head, cart, cannon, and pile.

Ichikara Village Gumball Dispenser

The Ichikara Village Gumball Dispenser is the only one not present on one of the Sky Islands and has the most devices in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

This is found in Hyrule instead of the sky and provides 6 devices that include: an electric fan, steering stick, small tire, big tire, rocket, and balloon.

How to use the Gacha Gumball Device Dispenser

Using the Gacha Gumball Machine is quite easy as it works just like a cooking pot. At the base of this enormous machine, you will see a pot-like structure where you can drop Zonai Materials. Zonai Materials are found lying on the ground throughout the game so you need to keep an eye out for them.

Keep in mind that these Gumball Machines only work with Zonai Materials so if you add another material in it, the machine won’t work and you won’t be provided a Zonai Device.

Use the ‘Hold’ option and select the Zonai Material you wish to feed to the machine. You can feed more than one Zonai Material at once and you will receive one device in exchange for one Zonai Material making it a fair trade.

Once you have provided the materials, you will see them going up in the Gumball Machine and then Zonai devices will come out wrapped in bubbles. These bubbles will disperse around you and you will need to pick them up in order to acquire them.

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