Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom The Tarrey Town Race Is On Walkthrough

Craft a vehicle to win the Tarrey Town Race.

The Tarrey Town Race is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that takes place at the Hudson Construction Site. In this quest, you will test your vehicle-building skills and your ability to control your vehicle to clear a racing course in a specific time.

The quest will begin right after completing the Master the Vehicle Prototype, in which you must fix a vehicle with a steering stick. But this time, you need to race by building your own vehicle. Follow the step-by-step process to complete the quest efficiently.

Talk to Fernison

To start The Tarrey Town Race quest, you must first complete the Master the Vehicle Prototype quest. These quests can be found at the Hudson Construction Site, west of Tarrey Town.

You can reach this place by fast traveling to the Jochi-ihiga shrine. If you haven’t unlocked this shrine yet, simply go to the Rasitkiwak Shrine near Tarrey Town and then use the railcar from there to reach the Hudson Construction Site.


You can also use your paraglider to reach the construction site from Tarrey Town.

Talk to Fernison inside a home (3742, 1681, 0092) to start the quest.

How to complete The Tarrey Town Race in Zelda: TotK

To complete the Tarrey Town Race Is On Quest, you must create your own vehicle and then complete the racecourse within the 2-minute time limit.

This quest is the opposite of the Master the Vehicle Prototype quest. During the previous quest, you got a readymade vehicle from Fernison and had to attach a steering stick to it.

In the current quest, you must create your own vehicle and use the steering stick provided by Fernison. You will find a variety of zonai wheel devices present near the racetrack.

Before building your own vehicle, remember a couple of things. Small wheels are fast but are difficult to control on the racetrack. Large wheels are slow but give you more control over the vehicle.

The best way is to create a vehicle that is balanced. This can be done by attaching two small wheels to two large wheels. Pick up small wheels with a slab and attach them to the large wheels with a large slab using Ultrahand ability.

Your new makeshift vehicle should look like the one in the picture above. Place the vehicle near the house where Fernison and Gerudo racers are. Make sure that small wheels are in front and large wheels are in the rear position.

Pick up the steering stick from the table near Fernison and attach it to the vehicle near the small wheels. This will trigger a cutscene, and Fernison will approve your vehicle.

Hop on to your vehicle and interact with the steering stick to start the race. Drive to your right to reach the first light and pass through it.

This track is a long one and is arranged in a circular shape to test the control of your vehicle. You will have ample time to clear this track so there is no need to hurry.

Slowly and steadily drive across all lights to reach your destination (from where you started). This will complete The Tarrey Town Race Is On side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Reward

Fernison will reward you with 3x Zonai Charges. This will also unlock the Beginner and Expert Courses. You can attempt those courses and create a new personal record to earn 5x Zonai Charges and a Large Zonai Charge, respectively.

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