Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Master The Vehicle Prototype Walkthrough

“Master the Vehicle Prototype” is another side quest that you can complete to take a break from the main story quest of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

In this side quest, you have to help out another NPC to get some Silver Rupees and a Stable Sleepover ticket as rewards.

How to start Master the Vehicle Prototype in Zelda: TotK

Make your way to coordinates 3751, 1670, and 0092 to start the “Master the Vehicle Prototype” side quest in Tears of the Kingdom. This quest location can be found in the Hudson Construction Site which lies northeast of Torin Wetlands in Akkala Highlands.

Master The Vehicle Prototype quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

Do note that you require a Steering Stick as a prerequisite for Master the Vehicle Prototype. You can get this quest item by completing Secrets Within, another side quest, nearby.

How to complete Master the Vehicle Prototype in Zelda: TotK

When you have the Steering stick, go to the three NPCs. They will be talking about how Fernison couldn’t make a steering device.

There will be a cart in front of you. When you place the steering stick on the cart using the Ultrahand ability, all three NPCs’ attention will be diverted toward you.


When you stick the Steering Stick on the platform of the Vehicle, make sure that it is near the front wheels otherwise the back ones will start to turn.

When the steering is on, Fernison and the others will ask for a lap because they want to look at how the steering works in action.

The Lap is a small circle and it is indicated by the Checkpoint lights. There is a timer as well but you will be given a lot of time to complete the lap.

The Spectators will also advise you not to leave the vehicle and not move away from the track. After completing the track, you will complete the side quest and receive the award.

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