Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Master The Vehicle Prototype Quest Walkthrough

Fix the Vehicle Prototype and Master it by completing the circuit in under 150 seconds.

Master the Vehicle Prototype is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that takes place at the Hudson Construction Site. On your way to recruit professional racers for the Lurelin Resort Project, you will come across two who desperately need help fixing their vehicle. In this guide, we will teach you how to reach Hudson Construction Company and complete the quest in no time.

Find and Talk to Gerudo Racers

To start the Master the Vehicle Prototype quest, you must first reach Hudson Construction Company. It is to the west of Tarrey Town in the Akkala region.

You can either fast-travel to the Jochi-ihiga Shrine near Hudson Construction Company or the Rasitakiwak Shrine near Tarrey Town. From Tarrey Town, you can rent a railcar or glide to reach Tarrey Town.

Talk to two Gerudo women, Shabonne and Tali, inside a house (3742, 1681, 0092). They are standing beside their mechanic, Fernison. Talk to them about starting the Master the Vehicle Prototype quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Win the Race

Upon talking to Fernison, you will realize she cannot craft a steering device for their vehicle. Controlling such a massive vehicle without a steering device is impossible.

To complete the quest, you must attach a Zonai steering stick to the vehicle.

If you have a steering stick available in your inventory, take it out and drop it. Pick it up with Ultrahand and attach it to the vehicle.

If you don’t have a steering stick, travel south of your location to locate a Zonai device dispenser. It is to the southwest of Tarrey Town. Drop some Zonai charges in it to get a Zonai steering stick.

Once you attach the steering stick to the vehicle, it will surprise Fernison and both Gerudo racers. They will ask you to demo it so they can confirm its functionality.

Drive the vehicle around the track and pass it through lights within the 2-minute and 30-second time limit. Don’t let go of the steering stick, or you will instantly fail the quest.

Once you complete the lap, talk to Fernison to complete the Master the Vehicle Prototype quest.

Quest Rewards

Fernison will give you a Silver Rupee (100 Rupees) and a Sleepover Ticket as a reward. You can use this ticket at any stable to sleep for free. However, you won’t earn any Pony Points using this ticket.

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