Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Rattled Ralera Walkthrough

Rattled Ralera is one of the many side quests that Tears of the Kingdom feature where you will help NPC in doing daily tasks.

Here, you will help NPC Ralera in clearing her mind because of hunger. For that, you will cook her a delicious Seafood Curry by gathering selective ingredients from all over the region.

Follow the step-by-step process below to complete the Rattled Ralera in Tears of Kingdom.

How to start Rattled Ralera in Zelda: TotK

Before you are able to start the Rattled Ralera quest, you first need to complete the prerequisite of completing two quests in Tears of the Kingdom. Those two quests are Ruffian-Infested Village and Lurelin Village Restoration Project.

Once both prerequisites are completed, you need to make your way to the west end of the Hateno Village. Here, you will come across the former resident of the village named Ralera inside her house.

Rattled Ralera quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

Interacting with Ralera will start Rattled Ralera in Zelda: Totk.


How to complete Rattled Ralera in Zelda: TotK

To complete the Rattled Ralera side quest in Tears of the Kingdom, you need to make a seafood dish for Ralera.

She wants to think of ideas to increase the total number of visitors in the village but because of hunger, she can’t think of anything.

To make the dish, you need to have the following ingredients:

  • Porgy
  • Goron Spice
  • Hylian Rice

Starting with the Porgy which is a fish found in the oceans around the Lurelin Village. Tears of Kingdom features several types of Porgy such as Mighty Porgy and Armored Porgy. As long as the fish’s last name ends up with Porgy, Ralera will accept it.

Moving down to Goron Spice, and for that, you need to head inside the General Store located inside Goron City. Once there, you will be able to purchase the Goron Spice.

Lastly, for Hylian Rice, you need to make your way to either of the three locations of the General Store: Hateno Village, Gerudo Town, and Zora’s Domain. Here, you will be able to buy Hylian Rice from the vendor.

If, however, you are short on money, you can also acquire Hylian Rice by cutting grass around the Hateno Village.

Once all three ingredients have been acquired, make your way to the nearby pot to cook a Seafood Curry. After that, make your way back to the Ralera in Hateno Village.

After getting the food, Ralera will eat the Seafood Curry in a matter of seconds. The spices in the dish will take a toll ultimately making her hot. For that, you need to cool her down with the help of a weapon fused with Korok Frond and Wooden Board.

Using this weapon will pull out a gust of wind and will easily cook her down. Now that she has cooled down, she will now have the inspiration needed to increase the number of visitors to the village.

For that, she will put up a flag of the village which will alert all people passing by about the village. Doing so will complete the Rattled Ralera side quest and Ralera will thank you for helping her by giving Lurelin Village Fabric as a reward.

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