Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Lurelin Resort Project Walkthrough 

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Lurelin Resort Project quests unlocks water rally races. Here is how to complete the quest!

The Lurelin Resort Project has you restore the resort of the same name in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It is one of the side quests you can pick in the Lurelin region. This comes after you have rid the area of ruffians and have restored the village.

There are a bunch of objectives but these are quite easy to do. However, unlocking this quest has some prerequisites that you need to complete. But the rewards are well worth it. Not only will you be restoring a resort where people can have fun, but you also get to use a race track for free!

If you’re interested in doing this side quest, then read on! We have compiled an easy-to-follow guide on how to complete the Lurelin Resort Project side quest in Zelda: TotK.

How to start Lurelin Resort Project in Zelda: TotK 

To begin this quest, you need to have finished two side quests. One is the Ruffian-Infested Village where you need to clear the town of pirates. Secondly, you need to finish the Lurelin Village Restoration Project.

The former will have you face a lot of enemies. The best strategy is to stock up on arrows and then fuse them with different materials. This will allow you to damage them from a distance. The latter quest has you collect 15 logs and 20 Hylian Rice. Once you hand them in, you’ll need to help him restore the town which you can easily do with Ultrahand. Simply follow his instructions and you can do it easily.

Once these are done, the Lurelin Resort Project in Tears Of The Kingdom will take place. 


How to complete Lurelin Resort Project in Zelda: TotK 

After accepting the quest, you have to travel to the South from the village. Follow the little lagoon and go toward Korne Beach. About a third of the way in you will meet Bolson and Rrozel. Bolson will tell you that he wants to build some entertainment services at the resort. And his idea consists of rally races.

The problem is, he doesn’t have racers. Your task is to find these racers and convince them to come here. He reveals that there are some racers near Tarrey Town.

Get to Hudson Construction Site

 The precise location for the racers puts them at the Hudson Construction Site. You should be looking for a pair of Gerudo called Tali and Shabonne. This site is West of Tarrey Town. If you managed to get to Tarrey Town, take the mine cart and go to the construction site.

Once you reach, find the pair and talk to them. They will want you to do a few side quests for them before they go to the Lurelin Village. Essentially, they want you to prove your skills as a racer. This can be done easily.

Excel at using the Vehicle Prototype 

The first side quest you will receive is Master the Vehicle Prototype. This is quite easy to do. You need to begin by handing over a Steering Stick to Fernison. You can get this Steering Stick from the Zonai Dispensers.

Take this stick and attach it to the pre-assembled vehicle and you’re good to go! Fernison will ask you to test it out and the quest will be complete. From here, only one more objective remains. 

The Tarrey Town Race Is Up! 

To bring Tali and Shabonne to the Lurelin Village, you have to prove to them that you possess proficiency in racing on the ground. You will have to finish the race within two minutes to succeed which is more than enough time.

You will also need to construct a vehicle of your own to take part in this race. The parts for it are near the building close to where Fernison stands with the Gerudo racers. Make the vehicle and then take part in the race. It goes without saying, that you’ll need to win.

Once you do, both Tali and Shabonne will agree to go to the resort. Go to Korne Beach where you’ll find everyone already gathered there. Talk to Bolson and the Lurelin Water Rally building will show up. With this, the quest will be completed.

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