Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Glory Of The Zora Walkthrough

"Glory of the Zora" is a side quest in Tears of the Kingdom that will help you expand your weapons arsenal with a Lightscale Trident.

A weapon’s connoisseur is always on the lookout for better weapons to slay their foes with. If you know a thing or two about Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom then you will know that side quests are a great way to get your hands on some cool weapons.

“Glory of the Zora” is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that will help you expand your weapons arsenal by rewarding you with a Lightscale Trident in return for collecting and submitting certain materials from around Hyrule to Dento.

If you are confused then follow along as we will be helping you every step of the way through our handy-dandy guide.

How to start Glory of the Zora in Zelda: TotK

Before you start with the Glory of the Zora side quest in Tears of the Kingdom, you will first have to complete the Sidon of The Zora quest, which is part of the main storyline. If you haven’t completed it yet, then be sure to do that and come back then.

If you are the efficient one and have already dealt with the main quest, then you can start with Glory of the Zora in Zelda: TotK.

Dento is your man if you are looking at how you can start with this side quest. He is the Blacksmith and wants to gift you a weapon you can use in your endeavors. You will find him in the Coral Reef General Store in Zora’s Domain.


Once you have exhausted your dialogue with Dento, the Glory of The Zora side quest will start.

How to complete Glory of the Zora in Zelda: TotK

Dento will give you a list of items to bring to him so he can make the Lightscale Trident for you. The list will comprise the following items.

  • 5x Pieces of Flint
  • 3x Diamonds
  • 1x Zora Spear

Each item is not hard to get; if you have progressed through the game, then these items will be easy to collect, and you might already have a thing or two from the list.

Collect Items

Pieces of Flint

Flint will be the easiest to farm out of all the items on the list. It is a common item and can be found either in caves or by breaking ore deposits, or you can get pieces of flints.

The other method is rather uncommon but not impossible. Since Flints are used to start fires, you can come across Flint, next to a cooking pot as well.


Next up on our list is diamonds and this one can be a bit tricky depending on how far you have progressed through the game.

Diamonds can be found in Shrine Chests, Talus Enemy Drops, and Rare Ore Veins. They can also be dropped by Dondon if you feed Luminous Stones to them.

If you are targeting shrine chests then you can go to Yomizuk Shrine, Mayaotaki Shrine, Sihajog Shrines, etc. If you are looking to mine some rare ores then the best spot will be the Royal Hidden Passage below Lookout Landing.

Diamond locations for the Glory of the Zora quest in Tears of the Kingdom

Finally, the last method that we are going to be discussing is feeding Donon, Luminous Stone. You can find the Luminous Stone by breaking the Luminous Ore.

Once you have a couple of them, you can go find a Dondon in Faron Region, on the opposite side of Lakeside Stable.

Zora Spear

You can get the Zora Spear from a chest or by completing the Mired in Muck quest. If are too lazy to complete the quest, then, you can simply go to the following coordinates: 2841, 0193, 0169.

It is in the Lanayru’s Great Spring Region, towards the west of Tabahl Woods, and East of Ralis Point. There will be a chest on the Tabahl Hills and you can open it to get your hands on the Zora Spear.

Zora Spear map location in Tears of the Kingdom

Return to Dento

Once you have all the items, you can head back to Dento in Zora’s Domain and give him all the items. In return, he will give you The Lightscale Trident as a reward.

A good thing about the Trident is that if you break it or damage it, you can always come back to Denton to get a replacement.

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