How To Get Zora Spear In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

There are at least four different locations from where you can get your hands on the Zora Spear in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Zora Spear is a unique and storied weapon to find in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It belongs to the Zora equipment set in the game and is often used by the Zora tribe to guard their lands against invaders.

The spear itself is crafted with a special metal that grants it a special effect named “Water Warrior”. This effect enhances its offensive capabilities once the spear is submerged in water.

It doesn’t apply any status effects on enemies but it more than makes up for it through its superior range and decent damage.

Zora Spear location in Tears of the Kingdom

There are at least four different locations from where you can get your hands on the Zora Spear in Tears of the Kingdom. It all depends on how far off you are in your progression, or how far you are willing to go to add the weapon to your inventory.

Below are all of the locations where you can find the Zora Spear, complete with maps and coordinates.

Location 1 – eastern coast of Tabahi Woods (Zora River) 

Follow the Zora River along the Tabahi Woods until you reach the point marked on the map above. There you will find a Black Lazalfos who is wielding a Zora Spear. Od defeat, it will drop the same Zora Spear.

The exact coordinates for this enemy correspond to 2700, 0240, and 100. The Black Lazalfos is a Lizard-like monster that has high stamina and agility. Avoid fighting more than one of them as they can easily overwhelm you if you happen to be surrounded by them.

Location 2 – western coast of Bone Pond

Another spot where you are guaranteed to find a Zora Spear lies in the Lanayru Wetlands. It can be found in the hands of Black Lazalfos just by the western coast of Bone Pond. Killing the Lizard will drop the Zora spear.

You can easily reach this location by fast traveling to the Jonsau Shrine and then making your way to the coordinates: 2031, 0025, 0010.

Location 3 – completing “Mired in Muck” side quest   

Completing the quest grants you a Zora Spear in Zelda: TotK. To complete this quest, reach the Skyview Tower in Upland Zorana.

Near the entrance to this tower, you will find a Zora that is completely stuck in Muck. You need to clear the Muck by using items that can produce splashes of water (Splash Fruit or Opal Weapons).

Once you clear all the Muck, you will find Bazz, a Zora Solider who was trapped behind the Muck. If you talk to him, he will reward you will a Zora spear as a reward for freeing him. Just make sure that you have one slot free in your inventory for the weapon.

Location 4 – south Akkala Plains   

Enter the Depths through the South Akkala Plains Chasm and glide to the location marked on the map. There you will find a shadowy figure that is holding a Zora Spear. Upon interacting with it, a Zora Spear is added to your inventory.

The distance between this spear location and the South Akkala Plains Chasm is quite large as you won’t be able to glide all the way to the spear.

Try recovering your stamina by landing at a high spot. Only then you can avoid walking through the hostile depths environment.

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