How To Find Tulin In The Mountain Cave In Zelda: TotK 

As you start Tulin of Rito Village in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you first have to make your way to the mountain cave to find and help him..

With the start of the main quest Regional Phenomena, which requires you to visit all 4 corners of Hyrule, a second main quest also starts. This quest, Tulin of Rito Village, will task Link with finding Tulin, one of the five Sages. To get help from the Sage, you actually first have to find the Tulin you are looking for in the Mountain Cave of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Unlocking the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower will give you an advantage in terms of navigation since along the road you will be marking some fast travel points and without a proper map, you won’t be able to identify which one is the right marker.

Secondly, make sure to make some cold-resistant and Heart regeneration meals since you will be traveling to cold wind to reach The Wind Temple.

How to start Tulin of Rito Village in Zelda TotK

The quest will start when you talk to the Elder (Teba) in Rito Village and he will ask you to talk to Harth and point out a lodge with two campfires in the northwest direction.

Follow the campfire and you will reach the lodge, the next step is to talk to the NPC in Purple and Black, named Harth. To reach the campfire the fastest possible way is to glide toward the hut with small fans on the roof.

Position yourself in front of the fan facing north, jump and open your Paraglider, this will give you a boost to reach the nearest mountain. Climb the mountain and from there go northwest, you will land slightly below the land, climb up and follow the quest marker to reach the lodge known as the Hebra Trailhead Lodge.


Remember to glide from the edges of mountains or else you will fall into Lake Totori. When you talk to the Purple/ black NPC (Harth), you will come to know that Tulin went to a Mountain Cave to find food alond with some of his companions.

Harth will show you the direction of Hebra South Summit Cave which is northeast of the lodge. Before leaving the lodge make sure to pick up the Spices and Oil Jars from the lodge. After talking to Harth, the objective will be updated and now you need to find Tulin in the Mountain Cave.

How to find Tulin in the Mountain Cave in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To reach the Mountain Cave in Zelda TotK where Tulin is supposed to be, the first step is to climb the ladders on the right when you leave the lodge after talking to Harth.

Follow the straight path until you find a bonfire. Talk to Cecili standing next to the fire. She will tell you to go up the hill to find her friends who went to find some food in the cave.

Follow the linear path until you reach the cave. If you see an NPC standing in front of the cave then you came in the right direction.

From here on you will need Ultrahand ability to cross the cave since there is a pond of cold water that will deplete your Hearts if you try to cross it by swimming.

You can either make a straight bridge-like structure outside the cave and then take it inside or you just take one wooden piece and make use of the logs already floating in the water, either way, you will have to take something inside and both methods work just fine.

zelda totk find tulin in mountain cave

After crossing the pond of water don’t go straight, look up and you will notice a small opening. Climb up the wall and enter the opening, take out the flying creature inside the cave and right where you killed the creature, use Ascend ability that’ll take you right above the cave and from there go northeast.

Once you reach the pillar, use the Ascend ability again to reach the top of the pillar and follow upwards and climb the mountain, this path will take you straight to Tulin. You need to talk to Tulin to initiate the next objective i.e. to Get Tulin’s Bow from the flying monster.

Retrieving Tulin’s bow

The flying monster who stole his bow will be shown in the cutscene. Glide to the platform beneath the monster to get closer to the monster and hit it with arrows. 2 arrows would be enough to bring him down and a short cutscene will start where Tulin will get his bow back and several enemies will spawn out of nowhere. You need to take out those enemies which is fairly easy.

After killing all the small monsters two NPCs from before will come (Harth and Gesane) and ask both of you to find out the reason behind the Storm Cloud above Hebra Peak.

Now that you have found Tulin and given him his bow back, the next objective is to reach the Rising Island Chain by crossing the Hebra Peak and Investigating the Storm Cloud in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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