How To Investigate Storm Cloud In Zelda: TotK

After finding Tulin in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom your next task is to investigate the Storm Cloud and figure out whats causing the blizzard.

During the quest Tulin of Rito Village, after finding Tulin, Harth and Gesane ask you to Investigate the Storm Cloud in Hebra Peak in Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. This part of the quest is tricky since you can get lost easily. However, in the guide below we will be discussing the fastest possible route to reach Sky Island in Hebra Peak so you can investigate the Storm Cloud.

How to investigate the Storm Cloud in Zelda TotK

To investigate the Storm Cloud in Tears of the Kingdom, the first step is to actually reach the Storm Cloud. From the place you are standing where you talk to Harth and Gesane, look northeast and you will see some yellow structures. Climb these yellow stones and you will find a chest on top that contains a weapon.

Afterward, follow the yellow structures around the mountain, you will need Tulin’s Gust of Wind to reach there so, make sure to use that. Once, you reach the mountain, go right, above the snowy hill.

You will notice some more yellow stones along the wall, use Tulin’s Gust of Wind to reach them. When you encounter the enemy on the platform, look up there is another yellow stone structure, climb the wall to reach the structure and you will see a linear pillar up ahead.

Walk on the pillar to cross it and once you reach the end, use Ascend ability to get on top of the pillar. Afterward, go up on the snowy hill until you reach the highest point, Hebra Peak in Zelda TotK where NPC Huck will be waiting for you. Talk to him and he will show you the way to reach the Rising Island Chain.

Climbing the Rising Island Chain

From here on go northeast according to your mini-map and reach the platform. After that, you will see some curved shape platforms around a straight pillar. Use Tulin’s Gust of Wind to reach the curved platform and keep using Ascend until you reach the top.

zelda totk investigate storm cloud

The moment you reach the top, look around to confirm that there are no further platforms above you. Once that’s done, glide toward the platform with a huge pillar on its head. Use Ascend to reach the top of that pillar and you will reach the Rising Island Chain in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

zelda totk storm cloud rising island chain

Investigating the Rising Island Chain

From here you will notice a shrine and your fastest way there is to follow the straight path until you reach the flying boat that has a trampoline which will give you an initial jump boost and a short cutscene will play in which Tulin will hear a voice from the storm cloud, use the trampoline boat to jump and glide over to the shrine.

After activating the shrine remember the rule until you reach the place with numerous flying boats. The rule is “break the ice platform wherever you see one” since below every ice platform there is a sailboat with a trampoline.

From the shrine follow the path to the northwest until you reach a platform with three blocks. Fuse these three blocks and climb on them, use Ascend ability to reach the above platform.

From here on follow the path to the northeast until you reach the 2nd ice platform. From there, you have to go West where the third ice platform is and afterward just follow the stationary flying ships and use them as a trampoline until you reach the platform with a side pillar.

Use Ascend to reach the top and glide over to the platform in the direction of the quest marker. 

You will meet some enemies on that platform so, make sure to take care of them remember that the bridge connecting 2 platforms is a trap and it will start collapsing the moment you keep your foot on it.

So, the best strategy would be to shoot some arrows to trigger all three traps and then use Tulin’s Gust of Wind to reach the other end.

Afterward, keep following the path until you reach the place where you will notice some parts of the air balloon. We managed to complete building the balloon through the Ultrahand ability. Hit the heating part with your weapon to light it up reach the maximum height and glide over to the platform on the North side.

Use Ascend to reach the top of the pillar and climb the wall on the northwest side and use the sail to jump in the air and follow the previous rule, if you see ice, you break it.

Jumping off the platform will help you reach the next checkpoint where a shrine waits for you, from here on the temperature will only go down so, now is the time to use those cold-resistant meals, potions, and armor to avoid Heart depletion. I would recommend wearing Snowquill tunic here.

Activate the Kahatnaum Shrine to create a permanent fast travel point.

Make your way to the center of the Storm Cloud

Go right with your back facing the Shrine and use the sailboat to jump in the sky. Now you have reached the area of numerous flying ships and the Storm Cloud will now be on your left.

From here on the objective is to keep going higher using the flying boats until you reach the clear sky. Tulin’s Gust of Wind and Paraglider will play the most pivotal role in this process.

Once you reach the clear sky, you can do two things. Either keep going higher and land on top of the curved platform and dive into the Storm Cloud afterward or you can directly dive into the Storm Cloud without wasting any time.

zelda tears of the kingdom investigate storm cloud

When you glide into the Storm’s eye, you will see the Wind Temple (Wind Ark) which is causing the Storm Cloud. To solve the mystery behind this Storm Cloud you will need to open all the Wind Temple locks in Tears of the Kingdom.

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