How To Get Uranium In Starfield

Get Uranium and craft some important weapon mods and aid items.

Uranium is among those resources in Starfield that you will come across easily on different planets during your playthrough. Uranium (U) is labeled as Inorganic, and there are several ways that you can use to get uranium.

The first is farming this particular resource, and the second is simply purchasing it from various vendors. Once you can gather Uranium, you can use it to craft Weapon mods and aid items.

How to farm Uranium in Starfield

You can farm Uranium on many planets, so start simply by scanning the planets. After identifying the Uranium resource, you can explore that planet’s area and check the areas where Uranium is present. Then, you must use weapons such as the Cutter to extract Uranium.

If you can find large uranium reserves on any planet, you can set up an Outpost and deploy heavy extraction machinery. This way, you can mine the Uranium and store it in your ship storage, Storage units, etc.

It is a reliable way of farming uranium, and you will get an endless supply by visiting each of your outposts.

Planets with Uranium (U) Reserves

You must scan the planets first and then take your time mining Uranium in Starfield. That being said, you will find all the planets listed below, which will have some resources, including Uranium:

PorrimaPorrima IV-d
BohrBohr IV
Alpha MaraeAlpha Marae I, Alpha Marae III-d
Alpha TernionTernion II
MuphridMuphrid I, Muphrid II, Muphrid III, Muphrid VII-b, Muphrid VIII-a
HawkingHawking III
SyrmaSyrma I, Syrma II, Syrma V, Syrma VI-c
GuniibuuGuniibuu III, Guniibuu IV
JaffaJaffa I, Jaff II-a, Jaffa IV, Jaffa III
AltairAltair I, Altair II
BelBel II-a
SiriusSirius II, Sirius II-a
SerpentisSerpentis I, Serpentis VI-a
AndromasAndromas I
ShozaShoza I, Shoza II-a, Shoza VIII-d
KumasiKumasi II, Kumasi VI
KryxMax, Neebas
Gamma VulpesGamma Vulpes II-a, Gamma Vulpes IV-a
ZelaznyZelazny V, Zelazny VII-d, Zelazny VIII-c
HylaHyla I, Hyla VIII-d
FeynmanFeynman I, Feynman II, Feynman III, Feynman VII-b
NewtonNewton II. Newton III
IndumIndum I, Indum II
SchrodingerSchrodinger II, Schrodinger V, Schrodinger VIII-a
DenebolaDenebola II-a, Denebola I-b
ArcturusOkoro, Alpha
MaalMaal VI-a
ShozaShoza III
HeisenbergHeisenberg II, Heisenberg V
VerneVerne I, Verne III, Verne IV, Verne V, Verne VII-d
Alpha CentauriHawley, Zamka, Voss
HeinleinHeinlein II, Heinlein III
HuygensHuygens II, Huygens VII-a, Huygens VI-a, Huygens VII-b
BardeenBardeen  I, Bardeen II, Bardeen V-b, Bardeen V-d
BaraBara II, Bara VII-d
EridaniEridani VIII-c, Eridani VIII-d
Delta PavonisAmpere
GroombridgeGroombridge I, Groombridge III, Groombridge VIII-d
AlgorabAlgorab I, Algorab III-a
MolochMoloch I, Moloch VI-b
KhayyamKhayyam II
RutherfordRutherford IV-d, Rutherford V-b, Rutherford VI-a
Beta TernionBeta Ternion II

How to Buy Uranium

You can also purchase Uranium from many Vendors in Starfield by spending 14 Credits. You can visit the NPC vendors after resting to buy it again. The following vendors will have Uranium in their inventory, and you can check the resource section to buy it.

If you are not having any luck with the vendors, another hack will get you that Uranium. You must open the console command and type the following command:

player.additem 00005589 1

Once you add this command and hit enter, you will receive a notification on the top right section of your screen stating that Uranium has been added to your inventory. The 00005589 is the uranium item ID.

Uranium Uses

After you finally get your hands on some Uranium (U), you can use it to craft exotic components such as the Nuclear Fuel Rod.

Moreover, you can also use Uranium for your research projects, including Magazine and Battery Mods 2. This will allow you to further evolve your skills in Weapon Engineering (Rank 3).

Moving onto the Weapon Mods, Uranium can craft two weapon mods: the Glow Sights and the Depleted Uranium Rounds. Adding these mods to your weapons will boost their stats, allowing you to dominate your fights in Starfield.

Lastly, if you have some spare Uranium lying around in your inventory, then you can use it for crafting Aid items such as S.T.E.V.E. You can use it to slow down time significantly and also increase Ranged Damage and Weapon Accuracy for 10 sec each in Starfield.

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