Starfield Power From Beyond Walkthrough

"Power from Beyond" tasks you to track down some long lost Temples on random planets to unlock new Powers in Starfield.

After completing the main story mission, you will be able to unlock unique abilities in Starfield through the Power From Beyond side quest.

There are 24 unique Powers out there waiting for collection, ranging from tranquilizing an enemy using the Creator’s Peace power to using Moon Form power to become indestructible for the period it is active.

All of these powers can be yours by finding hidden Temples all around the planets in Starfield. Here’s how you can start tracking down those Temple locations.

How to unlock the “Power from Beyond” mission

To unlock the Power from Beyond side mission, you must complete the Into the Unknown main mission in Starfield.

After meeting Vladimir at The Lodge, your Mission HUD will be automatically updated with Power From Beyond under the MISC Tab.

How to complete “Power from Beyond” in Starfield

To complete the Power From Beyond side quest, you will need to talk to Vladimir Sall in Starfield who you may remember from the No Sudden Moves mission. You can find him in either The Lodge in New Atlantis or The Eye on Jemison in Alpha Centauri Star System of Starfield.

Talk to him about your newfound powers and he is willing to offer his star chart expertise to diversify your kit. He will direct you to certain temples where you will be able to obtain more unique abilities in Starfield.

It’s important to note that the power locations in Starfield are random and will be different for every player. Additionally, the order in which you obtain these powers is also randomized, so you may receive certain traits before or after others depending on your luck.

While playing the Power from Beyond mission ourselves, we encountered these powers in various areas of Starfield:

  • Guniibuu VI-D
  • Skink
  • Indum III-B
  • Oborum II-A
  • Navicci
  • Hillex

All of the locations will be pointed on your map and even displayed on your objective marker after speaking with Vladimir. Make your way to any one of the designated planets to find the temples.

Use your Hand Scanner to locate the Temple

Get back in your ship and make the grav jump to the Temple’s location marked by Vladimir.

After landing your ship, use your hand scanner and locate the distortions from nearby areas. Follow these distortions to reach the Temple location.

Find the Temple location in Starfield Power From Beyond.

There will be other markers in the area, depending on where you land which will not necessarily lead you to your destination. Just focus on the distortions even if they don’t direct you to an inhabited area.

Once in close vicinity, you will be able to spot the Temples from far away thanks to their grand appearance.

Explore around the area to find the entrance which is pretty unique in itself. It will be a glittery wall that will shimmer from far away so it is easy to spot if you are in its line of sight.

Occasionally there will be enemies guarding these gates so make sure to bring your weapons while on the hunt for these powers.

Collect Powers

Once inside, go to the central platform to activate it causing you to enter a Zero-G environment and float freely. You will need to collect clusters of light that appear around you by simply passing through them.

The appearance and collection of these clusters are also indicated by sound cues so you will be notified if you find the visual clues difficult to read.

After you have collected enough, the central globe will do a quick spin to reveal a portal you need to pass through. Following a cool cut scene, you will be teleported out of the Temple with your Power.

How to unlock more Powers in Starfield

To get more Powers in Starfield, start the Power from Beyond again since it is a repeatable side mission. Every time you complete the new version of this mission, you are going to unlock a new, random Power.

The only difference is that the Temple location is always going to be on a different planet. This is how you are going to unlock all 24 Starborn Powers in Starfield.

Starfield – Power from Beyond mission rewards

Completing the Power From Beyond miscellaneous mission will reward you with a unique Power and 150 XP in Starfield.

Starfield – Power from Beyond bugs and fixes

There are a couple of bugs with Power from Beyond where you fail to find the temple location.

The hand scanner does not pick up any distortions

There is a common bug with Power from Beyond in Starfield where your hand scanner fails to pick up any distortions.

After the mission sends you to a random planet, your hand scanner should be picking up anomalies and distortions. Due to the bug, however, you can keep searching the planet for hours without picking up any distortions, which means that you cannot locate the Temple.

It is unknown if the Temple fails to spawn due to the bug but the only fix players have found right now for this is to just reload a previously saved file or start a Starfield New Game Plus playthrough to try again.

Vladimir fails to give you any planet location

There is another Power from Beyond bug in Starfield where Vladimir does not mark any planet for you to go to find the Temple. The mission also disappears from your mission HUD, so you might be wondering where to go to find the Temple.

The best fix to this bug is to make your way to Altair. When you reach Altair I, your quest marker will automatically update for Power from Beyond, giving you a planet location to go to.

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