Starfield Power From Beyond Walkthrough

"Power from Beyond" tasks you to track down some long lost Temples on random planets to unlock new Powers in Starfield.

Starfield allows you to obtain the Starborn Powers for yourself and the “Power from Beyond” mission is how you do that.

There are 24 Powers present in Starfield ranging from tranquilizing an enemy using the Creator’s Peace power to literally making yourself become indestructible for a certain period of time through the Moon Form power.

All of these powers can be yours by finding hidden Temples all around the planets in Starfield. Here’s how you can start tracking down those Temple locations.

How to unlock the “Powers from Beyond” mission

To unlock Powers from Beyond, you must complete the prerequisite main story quest known as Into the Unknown.

Once you’ve finished the story quest, visit Vladimir in the Lodge located in New Atlantis and begin this quest.

How to complete “Powers from Beyond” in Starfield

Once you’ve spoken to Vladimir about your newly found powers, he’ll tell you the location of a few different Temples all around the different planets that contain special powers.


The locations of the Temples will be a bit randomly generated but for us, it was in the following locations:

  • Bessel III-B
  • Tau Cetti VIII-8
  • Altair IV-C
  • Tau Cetti III
  • Arcturus II

All of the locations will be pointed on your map and even displayed on your objective marker after speaking with Vladimir. Make your way to any one of the designated planets to find the temples.

Use your Hand Scanner to locate the Temple

Find the Temple location in Starfield Power From Beyond.

Upon arriving at the designated place, use your hand scanner and locate the distortions coming from the nearby areas. Follow the distortions to reach the Temple location.

Enter the Temple and unlock a new Power

When you enter the Temple, you’ll soon find yourself flying through energy lights until a portal shows up in front of you. When the portal opens up fly through it and obtain your new power.

Repeat the mission for more Powers

Something important for you to note is that “Power from Beyond” is a repeatable side mission in Starfield. Every time you complete this mission, you are going to unlock a new, random Power.

The only difference is that the Temple location is always going to be on a different planet. This is how you are going to unlock all 24 Starborn Powers in Starfield.

Starfield – Powers from Beyond mission rewards

  • Power
  • 150 EXP

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