Starfield Best Melee Weapons Ranked

Melee weapons are your best friends when all your ammo runs out and you still need to bring the pain down on the enemy in Starfield.

In Starfield, you can wield various weapons, from conventional projectile to high-powered energy. But the game also offers alternative solutions as well. When all else fails, or maybe you just like going up close and personal, you can use melee weapons in Starfield.

Melee weapons can be your go-to choice if you run out of bullets or are in a close-quarter combat situation. These weapons are your best friends in the vast universe of Starfield, where you can always rely on them for support.

Best Melee Weapons in Starfield

1. Va’Ruun Painblade

As the name suggests, this slicer of a punch is more painful than your enemy can imagine. It has a whopping physical damage of 71 and can be found in the House of Va’Ruun.  

2. Tanto

This samurai-style dagger is a nod to ancient times. The Tanto blade offers 40 damage, which is a little less than the Wakizashi blade, but you can get a better deal on this one. The Tanto is purchasable for only half the amount of creds you will spend on getting a Wakizashi. As the damage difference isn’t too bad, it is one hell of a deal. 

3. Wakizashi

The Wakizashi also belongs to the samurai dynasty and is a slightly longer blade than the Tanto, offering more damage ultimately. This blade can deliver up to 49 damage. Getting a Wakizashi is also relatively simple, as it can be bought from the Rowland Arms Vendor. Collecting this blade benefits you as it has a resale value of 6000 creds.  

4. Osmium Dagger

The Osmium Dagger is a must-have as it is one of the best melee weapons in Starfield you can carry. Despite its small size, the dagger can inflict 28 damage per strike.  

5. Barrow Knife

The Barrow knife resembles the knives soldiers of the modern day carry around. It is a decorative piece but can also inflict deadly damage when needed. You can get up to 22 health off an enemy with just one slice of this soldier’s best friend. 

6. UC Naval Cutlass

The UC Naval Cutlass is a blade often found in the backpacks of adventurers. This is the perfect survival blade, optimal for cutting down trees (which we doubt you will find any) and chopping down enemies. The Cutlass offers a decent 20 damage per slash. 

7. Rescue Axe

The Rescue Axe is a dependable melee weapon in Starfield in times of crisis and a decent weapon you can get early on in the game. This axe can carve out 17 HP from the enemies’ health bar. 

8. Combat Knife

The Combat Knife is also a good option after the Rescue Axe. It is also not a bad choice in times of crisis as it can deliver 16 physical damage to your enemy per slash. 

9. Ripshank

The last on our list is the Ripshank, just a mimic of a knife. Still, having something is better than nothing at all, and after several insertions and thrusts of this weapon, you can bring your enemy to his death’s doorstep. Despite being the last and most hated on our list, it can deliver 12 physical damage. 

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