Starfield Best Powers Ranked

In Starfield, you can use many Starborn powers to aid you in battle. But its important to know which are the best ones.

During the Into the Unknown Constellation quest, you will find the first Artifact Temple and receive its powers in Starfield. Each Artifact Temple in the game yields one of starborn powers, totaling up to 24. These powers can enhance your combat prowess and drastically improve your general gameplay experience.

However, with so many to choose from, you need to know which are the best ones. In the guide below, we have listed the best powers in Starfield and ranked them according to their utility in the game. 

10. Gravity Dash 

Gravity Dash is one of the Starborn powers that becomes noticeably effective after ranking up in Starfield. At rank one, it is horrendous and barely moves your character. However, at rank 10, it is a hypermobility skill that will let you zip through the map.  

It is super useful when you are doing planetary exploration and have a lot of distance to cover between key objectives. To get this power, you need to head to Temple Zeta and solve its light puzzle. 

9. Personal Atmosphere 

When cast, this power allows you to regain your entire O2 meter. So, you can use up all your stamina bar and then get it back immediately by casting Personal Atmosphere. Also, you’ll have unlimited run energy for the next 15 seconds.  

This is even better when you’re encumbered and don’t want to part with some precious heavy luggage. No matter what rank of this power you have, it’s for sure one of the best powers in Starfield. Completing Temple Alpha’s light puzzle is all you need to do to gain Personal Atmosphere. 


8. Anti-Gravity Field  

Casting this power creates a zero gravity zone where everything is lifted for about 10 seconds, regardless of rank. Although it doesn’t kill or damage creatures, they will drop and then spend a few seconds regaining their balance. This is more of a defensive power than a

Overall, it is a good power considering the large area of effect and duration. You can get your hands on it by visiting the Temple Eta and solving its light puzzle. 

7. Phased Time 

This power allows you to slow time and dish out serious damage while taking minimal damage from slowed enemies. When attacking and firing weapons, the projectiles will seem slower than normal, though the damage gets registered immediately.  

As this ability slows time globally compared to other powers that only affect a specific area in Starfield, it has an additional utility that makes it more practical. With all these factors considered, Phased Time is effectively one of the strongest in Starfield. This power is obtained by going to the Buried Temple. 

6. Create Vacuum 

Create Vacuum is an incredibly strong power against any enemy that consumes oxygen and cuts its O2 supply after being cast. Although its duration doesn’t decrease with higher ranks, the damage dealt per second increases dramatically when you reach rank 10.  

We noticed over a thousand damage at rank 9 of this power, so it’s pretty explosive when used against stronger enemies in long fights. You can have your hands on this power by visiting the Temple of Gamma. 

5. Precognition 

This one is a powerful utility skill that allows you to see what potential actions an NPC will make. You’ll be able to see what the dialogue outcome will be for any interaction you make with someone. This way, you can avoid making a companion angry at your choices.  

Additionally, this ability highlights an enemy’s path, allowing you to get an upper hand in launching the first attack. This power is obtained once you finish the light puzzle of Temple lota.  

4. Parallel Self 

Parallel Self allows you to summon a clone of yourself, equipped with the weapon you currently have while casting. The clone will have 200 HP and isn’t very powerful when facing higher-level enemies.  

However, it is one of the most useful powers in Starfield when you are up against a bunch of low-HP creatures. An annoying mob can be tackled easily when you’ve two versions of yourself. The Temple of Sigma is where you can unlock this particular power. 

3. Life Forced 

Life Forced is a solid Starborn power having great offensive and utility aspects. While the power cost remains the same from rank 1-10, the potential damage and healing it does increase three-fold. The effect lasts for 16 seconds and heals you for an equivalent amount of damage dealt.  

You can also cast it on your allies and use them to heal yourself. This is particularly useful for someone doing some restricted playthrough or those playing at higher difficulties. You can get this power after visiting the Temple of Pi in Starfield. 

2. Supernova  

Supernova is one of the coolest and strongest powers that emanates energy outwards from your character in Starfield. It deals around 114 damage at rank 1, which scales up to 350 at rank 10. The thing that makes it one of the most useful powers in Starfield is its AoE utility. It can clear out annoying mobs and let you out of trouble by killing low HP targets. 

1. Solar Flare 

Solar Flare is one of the best powers in Starfield. Although it is useful against just about any Target, its use case increases even more against higher HP enemies (as it does percent HP damage). What makes it particularly special is that you can keep casting the power on an enemy and stack up the damage over time.  

While the damage itself doesn’t change with progressive ranks, the fact that it goes to 10 energy costs at the final rank makes it incredibly viable for late-game stomping of tougher enemies. Even a single cast can shred through a level 94 terramorph. To obtain this power, you must visit Temple Theta in the Settles Systems. 

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