Starfield: All Ship Vendor Locations

Want to get some specific ship but don't know where to find it? Worry not; I have you covered with the locations of all the best ship vendors in Starfield.

Starfield will offer you a vast galaxy and many systems to discover. You can visit different planets, but you will need the best ships to get to these places. You can find some of the best ship vendors in Starfield at different locations if you explore other systems and the planets within them.

Once you spot the NPC ship vendor, who will mostly be a ship services technician, you can interact with him. This way, you can view all the ship’s options priced at these locations. You can easily purchase the ships from here and continue your journey in Starfield if you have the required amount.

In many cases, you may experience some difficulty finding these ship vendors, so worry not, as I will address all the locations where you can find these best ship vendors in this Starfield guide.

Ship Vendors locations in Starfield

You will be able to discover all of the best Ship Vendors at the following locations in Starfield:

Remember that some of these locations can also be found in one system, and some ships present here can be found for sale at different locations. However, you should visit each of the locations and check the ships present at them because this way, you will be able to determine the best choice for yourself in Starfield.

Akila City

To get to Akila City, you must go directly to the Cheyenne System in Starfield. Once in that system, you can select the planet present in the second orbital ring and set your course for Akila City.

Then, you can move around that city area until you reach the Ship Services Vendor next in Starfield. It should be pretty easy to spot, so go inside and interact with the NPC character (Ship Services Technician) in Starfield.

Now, you will be presented with three options. The first will be related to ship repairs; the second will be for viewing and modifying your ships. The third one will be associated with seeing the technician’s ship for sale in Starfield. Select the third option, and by doing that, you will be presented with the following eight ships:

Ship NameValue
Watchdog II140643
Ranger II181139
Wagontrain II244160
Thresher III142323
Big Rig II215865
Responder II98692


To reach the following Ship Vendor’s location in Starfield, you must make your way to the Sol System. Next, you can select Mars and the Cydonia city once you reach the Mining Colony of Cydonia. You can then head west from that location, and after a short distance, you will get the Ship Services Vendor there.

The Ship Services Technician will be present outside the shop. You can go to him and talk to him in Starfield. You will have the same options to inspect and modify your ship. As usual, select the third option to check his ships for sale in Starfield. These will include the following seven ships:

Ship NameValue
Responder II98692
Privateer II175032
Vindicator II264969
Mustang II102840

Neon City best ship vendors

Neon City is an important city you will come across during your playthrough of the Vol II System. You must select the Vol II Alpha planet and travel to Neon City there. After locating the Ship Services shop in Starfield, you can go inside and meet with the Ship Services Technician, who is among one the best ship vendors.

Scroll through the options and go with the third option to check the ships available for sale in this area. This way, you will be able to view all of the  ships for sale, which will include the following:

Ship NameValue
Ecliptic Bayonet76054
Responder II78692
Falcon II154641
Raptor II101815
Wendigo II125680
Mako II131687
Carry ALL II213780
War Horse110755

New Atlantis

This is one of the most common cities you will be visiting in Starfield and can be found in the Alpha Centauri System. Select the planet Jemison and choose the New Atlantis marker next.

After reaching this area, you can spot the ship services stall on the right side, so make your way towards it and meet with the Ship services technician there. During your conversation, select the third option to view the available ships in Starfield. These will include:

Ship NameValue
Rambler II82955
Galileo III198731
Mule II110395
Sparrow II108904

Paradiso best ship vendors

You must visit the Paradiso area, for which you must travel to the Porrima System in Starfield. In this system, you need to select the Porrima II planet and then choose the marker for this specific area next.

You will find the Ship Services Technician in Starfield on your right side with his back towards you. He should be easy to spot next to the cargo, so talk to this NPC character. Select the option to check the ships that he has for sale, and it will include the following options:

Ship NameValue
Sunsail II186843
Carry ALL II213780
Rambler II82955
Abyss Trekker304446
Crimson Fleet Haunt60254

New Homestead best ship vendors

You can also revisit the Sol System and, this time, select the planet Saturn in Starfield. This way, you can choose one of its moons labeled Titan and then select the marker at the New Homestead location to travel there.

Once you get there, you can spot the Ship Vendor situated there, so approach him next. You can check the Starfield ships he has for sale there, which will include the following options:

Ship NameValue
Roanoke II224876
Conqueror II291560
Trebuchet II166560
Venture II219031


In search of all the best Ship Vendor locations in Starfield, you will also come across the Hopetown, which will bring you to the Valo System. After entering the system, you can choose the Polvo planet.

After entering the Hopetown location, you can go to the Hope Tech plaza, where you will find a shop on the right side labeled Sales. You will find an NPC vendor there, Inaya Rehman, so talk to her.

You will be presented with many options during your conversation, so choose the second one, “Let me see what ships you’re selling” in Starfield. This way, you will be able to view all the ships that are available for purchase at this location.

Ship NameValue
Star Semi251190
Lil Muv95107
Big Rig172012
Pik Up110204
Watchdog II80279
Silent Runner351135
Star Semi251190

Eleos Retreat

To find all the best ship vendors at other locations, go to the IXYLL System next in Starfield. You have to choose the Ixyll II planet and then select the point with the coordinates for Eleos Retreat’s location.

After venturing to this area, you will find a bunker, which the Ship Services labeled on top of the door. Enter it and proceed to meet with the Ship services technician there. You can then see what ships he has for sale in Starfield.

Ship NameValue
Dragonfire II306779
Warhammer II207916
Sunsail II186843
Zumwalt II190699
Responder II98692
Pterosaur III198891

Deimos Staryard

The following prime location for finding best Ship Vendors would be the Diemos Staryard in Starfield. To get here, visit the Sol System first and then go to Mars.

After arriving at this location, you must head toward Deimos and meet with Nikau Henderson there. During your conversation, you can select the first option to see the ships they have for sale in Starfield. They will include the following ship options:

Ship NameValue
Longsword II116455
Bireme II191231
Hoplite II151566

Gagarin City

The Gagarin City also offers one of the best Ship vendors in Starfield. However, you must travel to the Alpha Centauri System and visit the planet Gagarin to get to this location.

Once you get here, you can find the shipping vendor on your right side next to a machine displaying the sign Tade Authority in Starfield. Talk to him and then choose the third option to see the ships available for sale in this area.

Ship NameValue
Hoplite II151566
Warhammer II207916
Slipstream II220669
Phalanx II171928

Crimson Fleet Base

If you venture to the Kryx System and then visit the Key marker, you will reach the Crimson Fleet Base area in Starfield. Make your way to the Reckoner’s Core place, and then take an immediate right.

This way, you will see the Ship Services shop, run by an NPC vendor named Jazz. Speak to this ship merchant and ask her first to help you with ship services. Then, choose to view the ships they have for sale in Starfield.   

Ship NameValue
Crimson Fleet Reaper II162548
Crimson Fleet Wight II339220
Crimson Fit Banshee II233542
Crimson Fleet Haunt II108820
Crimson Fleet Ghost III147807

Stroud Eklund

The Stroud Eklund is another location where I discovered the best Ship vendors in Starfield. To get here, travel to the Narion System and head to the Stroud Eklund area next.

After reaching this place, head straight. After a while, you will see the NPC ship seller named Havershaw seated behind a desk. Interact with him and select the first option to view the ships they have for sale in Starfield. These will include the following options:

Ship NameValue
Privateer II175032
Trebuchet II166560
Roanoke II224876
Narcissus II166036
Vanquisher II384033
Vindicator II264969

Red Mile

The Red Mile ship vendor is located on the Porrima III planet of the Porrima system in Starfield. Head inside the Red Mile Hotel after landing. The vendor, Lon Anderson, will be inside the room left of the ship services desk, behind the yellow doors. He offers the following ships:

Ship NameValue
Trader Railstar98692
Achilles 98692
Carry ALL II98692
Rambler II 98692
Renegade 98692
Sunsail 98692
Responder 98692

This is the list of all the ship vendors in Starfield and some of the best ships they offer.

How to restock Ship Vendors stock in Starfield?

This a normal occurrence when Ship vendors in Starfield run out of their stocks at regular basis. There is nothing to worry about. This is game mechanic, and you can always refresh your favorite vendor’s inventory with full stock by resting a bit. You need to rest for at least 48 hours for the Ship Vendors to restock everything once more. You can rest via

  • Sitting on a chair
  • Sleeping in a bed

The best way is to travel to Venus planet in the Sol star system and rest there for just one hour (as 1 hour on Venus = 100 galactic hours) to effectively reset the inventory of every single Ship Vendor in Starfield.

What to do when a Ship Vendor is missing in Starfield?

There is a well-known bug in Starfield where Ship Vendors go missing. This happens mostly with New Atlantis’ ship vendor and there is no proper explanation yet. Some of my theories on these disappearances are.

  • A bug within the game
  • Wrong spawn location for the ship vendors
  • Stealing too much from a vendor
  • Hurting a vendor

While there is no concrete proof for the mysterious disappearance of Ship Vendors in Starfield, there are reports of people finding some vendors wandering where they shouldn’t be. You can restart the game or load a previous save to try and fix the problem. However, only Bethesda can acknowledge and fix this issue with updates.

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