How To Travel To New Homestead In Starfield

On the Titan moon of Planet Saturn, you will find a small settlement called New Homestead in Starfield.

New Homestead in Starfield is a settlement on the Titan moon in the Sol System. Titan is the moon of planet Saturn, so finding it is not that difficult. New Homestead is a name given to the people who came from Earth in memory of their home.

This settlement also hosts the largest Methane Processing Systems. In this guide, I will talk about how you can get to the New Homestead and what activities it will offer.

Starfield New Homestead location

Titan, a moon of Saturn in the Sol System, hosts the New Homestead settlement. This settlement is built mostly underground due to the harsh weather on Titan.

It is part of the United Colonies, and bringing contraband while landing can give you a denial to land. Make sure you don’t have any when visiting this spot. However, you can store the items in Shielded Storage.

To get to New Homestead, open the Starfield galaxy map by pressing “M.” Zoom in to the map to explore the systems. On the west side of the map, you can find the Sol System in the middle, right after Procyon A and Procyon B and above Alpha Centauri.

Click on Sol System to explore its planets in Starfield. On the sixth spot, you will find Saturn. Zoom in to Saturn to find Titan among the 7 moons. Explore Titan by rotating it to find the New Homestead settlement. Once you find it, hold X to travel there.


What you can do at New Homestead

New Homestead is not a big settlement. However, you can still perform many activities here.

Complete quests

There are two activities you can perform at this settlement in Starfield, and one of them is very fun as you will dress up in a costume to scare tourists:

  • Tourists Go Home
  • Brownout

Visit Merchants/Vendors

Being a small settlement, New Homestead still offers many services through some vendors:

  • Chunks
  • Brown Horse Tavern
  • New Homestead Store
  • Clinic

 Visit Points of Interest Buildings in New Homestead

There are many buildings and interesting spots on Starfield New Homestead where you can perform your tasks and meet people:

  • Energy Systems Office
  • Starsap Tours
  • New Homestead Museum
  • Farms
  • Lounge

Meet NPCs

Here are the people you will meet at New Homestead:

  • Adrian Brasilia
  • Anja Seattle
  • Bill Starsap
  • Dr. Giuliana Lakota
  • Luthor Atlanta
  • Nathaniel Manila
  • Maura Munich
  • Sylvie Munich

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