Starfield The Red Mile Shipyard Location Guide

The shipyard at the Red Mile plays a crucial role in maintaining and upgrading your spaceships in Starfield.

You will come across many Shipyards in Starfield at different locations, one of which will happen to be the Red Mile. To reach this location, you must first select the Porrima System.

After entering the system, you can choose the planet Porrima III, where you can select the marker to reach the Red Mile. After exploring that area, you will get the Red Mile Landing Pad, where you can purchase ship parts and sell contraband items in Starfield.

You can also purchase ship items such as shielded Cargo Bays by meeting the ship technician in the Red Mile Shipyard. Furthermore, you can also check out the ship options he has listed for sale, and you will find some good options here. I will cover the Red Mile Shipyard Location and the ships listed here for sale in this Starfield guide.

The Red Mile Shipyard location in Starfield

Once you reach the Red Mile location at the planet Porrima III, you can head towards the middle section of that particular area to get the ship services in Starfield.

After entering that area, you can move towards the doorway that leads to another section. However, instead of going through that doorway, you can turn right and enter the room next to it. This room can also be viewed easily from the ship services desk and shouldn’t be too hard to miss at the Red Mile in Starfield.

Inside, you will find an NPC vendor named Lon Anderssen in Starfield. He will remind you of Trevor from GTA, so go to him and speak with him.


During your interaction, you can offer him 1000 Credits if your ship needs some repair, and apart from this, you can also see what ships he has up for sale in Starfield. This way, you can view the Ships available at the Red Mile Shipyard in Starfield.

However, remember that the ships you will see at these locations will vary for each player and may not be in the same order as discussed in this guide. Nevertheless, you can find some good options and ships at a good price in this specific location in Starfield.

All Ships you can buy from The Red Mile Shipyard

When I selected the option to check what ships Lon has for sale at the Red Mile Shipyard, I was presented with the following ship options:

  • Trader Railstar – 83810 Credits
  • Econohaul – 85476 Credits
  • Achilles – valued at 58871
  • Thresher- 68354 Credits
  • Carry ALL II – 213780 Credits
  • Rambler II – 94614 Credits
  • Renegade – 270062 Credits
  • Sunsail – 186843 Credits
  • Sparrow- 108904 Credits
  • Responder – 98692 Credits

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