Starfield Gagarin City Shipyard Location Guide

Once you land at the Gargarin Landing settlement in Starfield, you will find a Shipyard with some ships you can buy.

Gagarin is one of the cities in Starfield with its own Shipyard that you might explore during one of your ventures in the Alpha Centauri System. This area can be easily located on the planet Gagarin itself, and there, you can select the marker to reach the Gagarin Landing Settlement area in Starfield.

Once you get here, you will notice that this area is quite industrialized and houses quite a large factory. You will have to navigate through this area to reach the Gagarin Landing area next, where you can find the Ship vendor present at the shipyard.

He can be easily spotted, so after finding him, you can check his inventory and purchase the ships you desire. If you cannot find the shipyard or the Ship vendor at the Gagarin City location, I will address how you can find him in this Starfield Guide.

Gagarin City Shipyard location in Starfield

Once you set the course to the Starfield Gagarin Landing area, you will observe a huge infrastructure project there. You can reach the south side to find the ship vendor. He can easily be spotted next to Starfield’s green Trade Authority stand.

You can go to him and meet with this Ship Services technician wearing a green and grey uniform there. As usual, you can pay him 1000 Credits during your speech to get the repairs done on your ship. Similarly, you can also view and modify your ship parts to high-tier levels.

Finally, the third option will be to view the available ships. You can select this option and check them at the Garagin Shipyard area in Starfield.


All Ships you can buy from Gagarin Shipyard

You can discover the following ships listed for purchase at the Gagarin Shipyard in Starfield.

  • Hoplite – 109841 Credits
  • Responder – 58769 Credits
  • Econohaul – 85476 Credits
  • Discovery – 46843 Credits             
  • Vindicator – 223924 Credits         
  • Warhammer II – 207916 Credits
  • Slipstream II – 220669 Credits
  • Phalanx II – 171928 Credits
  • Longsword – 78004 Credits
  • Murasame – 225022 Credits

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