How To Play Darts In GTA 5?

Darts is a fun side activity in GTA 5 and gives you a taste of what Los Santos really offers. Here is how to find this game and play it.

In Grand Theft Auto V, taking a break from the intense action and heists is possible. The game offers a variety of activities beyond the main story, allowing you to explore the world and unwind. One such activity is darts, a classic pub game that adds a touch of friendly competition to the world of Los Santos in GTA 5.

Mastering darts can be a rewarding experience, especially for those aiming for 100% game completion. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to dominate this mini-game. This guide caters to solo players and those looking to challenge friends in GTA Online. We’ll pinpoint the location of where and how you can play the dart game in GTA 5.

Where to Play Darts in GTA 5?

There is only one location in the game where you can play the darts game. This location is far north of the city, near the Yellow Jack Inn, at Route 66, Grand Senora Desert.

How To Play Darts?

To unlock the game, complete the ‘Crystal Maze’ mission before heading to Yellow Jack Inn. Walk into the bar and go through the door on your right side. Near the pool table, you will notice a circle on the ground. This is a 1-2 game, so you can play solo or with a friend. Simply walk up to the board and interact with it to play the game. If you’re playing solo, then the nearest NPC will be roped into the game as your opponent.

Select the number of legs and the number of games you want to play against your opponent. Choose the sets, and invite your friend or play solo.

Your initial goal is to minimize the score with precision and accuracy. Use L Stick to aim and X on your controller to throw darts. Note that aims can be steadied only once per round, and you can steady your aim by holding the Right Trigger on console and right mouse button on the PC. While steadying your aim, remember it can be done only for a moment. So, pay attention to timing.

How to Win Darts in GTA 5?

In Darts, each player starts with a target of 301 points and you have reduce that number to 0. The points you score on the board lower the number down respectively so score as many points as you can in the shortest amount of time.

  • Hitting one of the black or white sections gives you single points.
  • Hitting within the red and green areas gives you double points for the dart.
  • The inner red and green areas scores you triple points.
  • The bullseye is in the center of the board. The outer ring scores 25, the inner circle scores 50 points.

Only once in a round would you be able to steady your aim, which would last for a few seconds. Winning the game will give you RP.

Strategies for Success: Tips and Tricks

To master the darts in GTA V, you need to practice to improve your aim. Practice steady aiming while focusing on the timing. Start with aiming on the larger areas first and gradually move to the middle section. Then, conclude your mini-game with a bullseye; this strategic finishing allows you to minimize your score effectively.

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