Understanding Factions In Starfield

Not sure which Faction to join in Starfield? Don't worry, I will help you make that decision.

Starfield offers intriguingly action-packed gameplay by introducing you to its faction system. You will have the option to join any one of the six major factions. Most of these factions don’t get along well and indulge in illegal activities.

You will have to do some research on them before you make up your mind to start your voyage with any of these factions. To understand the Faction concept, you must join and play as one of them.

All Starfield Factions explained

In Starfield, you will learn that many significant factions influence 1,000 planets. Each of these factions has a role, and most strive for their means. Before joining either of these six major factions, you must learn about their roles in the system.

For that, you will have the option to join the following factions:

1. Constellation

Constellation is probably the last institution in the Settled Systems. Moreover, many of you will be surprised to learn that the organization still exists to play its role in Starfield. It was founded in 2275 by the legendary Sebastian Banks, and this particular institution was once also at the forefront of humanity’s exploratory initiatives.

However, this faction in Starfield declined over time into obscurity and went out of touch. Even so, the captains in the settled system claim that there are talks about their re-emergence. It has even led to speculations stating that the group has discovered something or is perhaps about to in Starfield.


Lastly, Constellation is headquartered in New Atlantis, specifically in the Mast District.

2. Crimson Fleet

For most within the Settled System, the Captain of the Crimson Fleet represents the greatest danger in Starfield. Once confined mainly to the Freestar Collective space, with a permanent headquarters, the Fleet has rapidly expanded their activities across the Settled Systems.

In short, you will find the Crimson Fleet made up of criminals, bandits, smugglers, and thugs. All these different people will be united and motivated under the right Captain, and this is what contributes towards making the Crimson Fleet a hazardous organization in Starfield.

To join this particular organization would mean going down a darker path. The reason is quite simple: this fleet will consist of crooks who have only served their purpose to pillage, loot, kill, and increase their power in Starfield.

3. Freestar Collective

This faction is the other significant national power within the Settled Systems. It is a confederacy of three planetary systems whose only real mutual interest is in maintaining their independence from the United Colonies in Starfield. Compared to the rest of the factions in Starfield, the worlds under the Freestar Collective are primarily poor, and most of its population exists as frontier ranchers, farmers, miners, etc.

Furthermore, the Freestar Collective has a reputation for being a more accessible place to operate, as many deals are conducted off the records here. The Freestar Navy and the elite Freestar Rangers lack the resources of their counterparts in the United Colonies in Starfield. However, you will soon learn that this specific faction is also considered the second-largest faction.

If you join this faction, you will be tasked with hauling cargo and fending off natural predators or raiders. Lastly, the Capital of the Freestar Collective faction is in Akila City, the Cheyenne System.

4. Ryujin Industries

Even within the Freestar Collective, the world of the Volii Alpha stands apart in Starfield. Where the rest of the nation has embraced a rugged mentality, the infamous city of Neon has transformed into an entertainment hub and pleasure city. Ryujin Industries assumes the role of Megacorporation and is somewhat of an anchor tenant to Neon in Starfield.

Most of the missions you will face while joining this faction will be related to corporate espionage objectives. UUndergoing these missions successfully will earn you a lot of cash and progress you further in your playthrough. This faction in Starfield will give you Cyberpunk vibes and is based in Neon.

5. United Colonies

If you are looking for the most powerful faction, look no further, as the United Colonies makes it to the number one spot. It comprises a national government uniting its most populous and affluent world. Moreover, the UC faction also proclaims itself as the rightful inheritor of Earth’s legacy.

This specific faction is the center of innovation and culture, driving economic growth and scientific discoveries. Furthermore, its world attracts the largest megacorporations, and its citizens enjoy a comparatively higher standard of living. However, this faction has a large part of corporate influence and shady politics.

By joining the United Colonies in Starfield, you will be tasked with missions, including supporting the interests of Megacorporations. You must also indulge in objectives to maintain order and combat criminal elements, e.g., The Crimson Fleet. The United Colonies Navy plays a significant role in completing all these missions.

The only rivalry this UC gets to face is against the Freestar Collective, who follow a path of lawlessness and are practically undisciplined in Starfield. The United Colonies is the opposite of this; its capital is New Atlantis. You will find that it is based on the world of Jemison in Alpha Centauri.

6. Xenofresh Corporation

In Starfield, you will find many rival factions, and the Xenofresh Corporation is a direct competitor of the Ryujin Industries. However, this faction played a massive role in making Neon City. Their megacorporations are based in Neon City and have a significant role in criminal activities.

This can be understood because the Xenofresh Corp faction utilizes some of its resources in narcotic business, i.e., Aurora. This drug was made by procuring a unique type of fish species at this place, which was initially a fishing platform before it turned into Neon City in Starfield.

This drug is then supplied to the criminal syndicate element within the Neon City. If you want to earn reasonable cash while indulging in illegal activities, the Xenofresh Corp faction could also be among your choices.

7. Minor Factions

Apart from the Major Factions discussed earlier in Starfield, some minor ones serve their purposes accordingly. Even though you might not join them, you will find five of these factions operating within the Settled Systems. These include:

Ecliptic Mercenaries

This Minor Faction is considered rogues and bounty hunters hired by other factions to operate illegal operations. You will see a lot of these during your playthrough in Starfield.

The Enlightened

Amongst the Minor Faction, the Enlightened are more dominant and have no belief in God.

House Of Va’ruun

The House Of Va’ruun is a staunch believer in The Great Serpent and has religious teachings centered around this Deity. Moreover, this Minor Faction also offers hostility toward other factions.

Sanctum Universum

The Sanctum Universum are direct competitors of the other Minor Faction known as the Enlightened. Their religious teachings are different as they believe in the concept of God. Their faction is located in the capital city of New Atlantis.


Spacers are petty criminals and thugs who might operate under more legitimate titles. However, this Minor faction will not hesitate to attack on sight to anyone who threatens their claim.

Starfield Faction Bounties

During your playthrough, you will find that the Faction Bounty system works notoriously well. This will be the case if you continue working against the interest of another faction, and these bounties will increase with your activities as well.

If you indulge in illegal or criminal activities, you will be easily targeted by factions such as the United Colonies. These bounties will range from petty crime and can lead to your death orders if you also attack the faction guards.

Remember that if you are captured, the bounties will start stacking up if you cannot pay them, and you will also end up losing XP in Starfield.

This will increase your challenges and make your playthrough harder if you don’t clear these bounties. This act can be done by paying the required sum or using a Self-Service Bounty Clearance to remove them.

On the other hand, if you are low on cash, you can avoid the bounty hunters out for you and keep clear of those Faction Guards that have you on their radar in Starfield.

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