Should You Accept Maldonaldo’s Offer In Starfield

Once you confront Maldonaldo during Missed the Mark quest in Starfield, should you accept his offer of bribe or fight him?

During Missed the Marked Side quest in Starfield, you will face off with a person who is a criminal. That is Maldonaldo in Starfield, and after you reveal all his criminal acts, he will try to lure you into an exchange for some extra Credits if you accept his offer.

After that, it is up to you whether you want to get extra credits and go against your companion’s will or refuse Maldonaldo’s offer and fight him. I will tell you which is better and the consequences of choosing the other way.

Should You Accept or Refuse Maldonaldo’s Offer?

I will recommend that you should reject Maldonaldo’s offer in Starfield. Considering the offer, anyone can agree, but you should instantly reject his offer and fight him. Extra 1600 Credits is not much; you can make more than that through story progress.

Also, you cannot risk your relationship with your companion, and it is morally incorrect to spare a criminal who has crimes on his hands.

Maldonaldo’s Offer Choices and their Consequences in Starfield

You only need to choose from the following two options once you confront Maldonaldo during the Missed the Mark quest.

Fight Maldonaldo

This scenario occurs when you select the “We’re leaving here with the data, Maldonaldo.” Which results in rejecting the bribe and starting the fight with Maldonaldo. The only consequence of this choice is that you will lose an extra 1600 Credits.


But it is always better to make sure you serve justice. Killing Maldonaldo, who has committed several crimes, will be a moral victory in Starfield. This will also impact a positive relationship with your Starfield companion.

Accept the bribe

You can accept his bribe and let him get away with his crimes if you choose the “You’ve got a deal. Bonifac’s all yours. Now hand over my money.” dialogue option.

You will receive your extra 1600 Credits, but sparing Maldonaldo in Starfield will result in a bad relationship with your companions.

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