Starfield Missed Connections Walkthrough

You need to track down a courier and recover a special package to complete Missed Connections in Starfield.

Missed Connections will task you to help Helena Strickland in Starfield by tracking down her courier. He had a package that she wants back.

We have compiled a comprehensive walkthrough of the Missed Connections side quest in Starfield. This will provide a detailed overview of the entire mission in a stepwise manner.

How to unlock the Missed Connections mission

To unlock Starfield’s Missed Connections side quest, you must travel to the Gagarin Planet in the Alpha Centauri Star System.

Land your ship at Gagarin Landing and find your way to the Reliant Medical in the area. Over here, you must head to the second floor and communicate with Helena Strickland in her office.

Helena will ask if you’re her courier and will get shocked when you deny it. She’ll explain the importance of her package and will ask you to help track it down.

After agreeing to help Helena, you’ll begin the Missed Connections quest.


How to complete Missed Connections in Starfield

As you meet Helena Strickland at Reliant Medical, you must follow her to her office. She’ll start talking on the call with Akachi, complaining her courier never showed up.

She’ll demand to be provided with the courier’s last four stops. As the call ends, Helena will turn to speak to you. The events in Missed Connections unfold as follows:

Speak to Helena

As you speak to Helena, she’ll task you with locating the courier and retrieving her package.

Helena will also tell you about the panel that can be used to track the courier. You must put his ID Number into each delivery point (ID is 8148).

Once Helena is done speaking to you, she’ll send you off to find the courier and deliver her package.

Search for the Courier

Track down the Courier in Missed Connections.

Once you’re done speaking with Helena, you’ll receive four different objective markers that will lead you to different panels you can use to track down the courier.

If the panel notifies you that a check-in has already been made on the courier’s ID, head forward to the next objective marker and resume your route.

The main location you’ll be heading to is underneath the Town’s Plaza. Near the Plaza, you must find some stairs. Take them down to find yourself at a mezzanine with a platform leading to a door.

As you enter the room, you’ll find the courier dead on the floor, lying in cold blood. If you perform an ID check-in on the panel, it will be successful.

Recover the package from the courier

Search the body of the dead courier to recover Helena’s package. You can also retrieve other items from the dead man, including some credits and Digipicks.

The package is empty, and you can guess there’s something suspicious about the entire scene. Now that you have found the courier and gotten the package, you must go back the way you came and head to Helena to meet with her.

Return the package to Helena

As you return to Reliant Medical, you must head to the second floor, where you’ll find Helena in her office. She’ll ask whether you recovered the package or not. Tell her about the dead courier and that the package you retrieved was empty.

Helena will realize that one of her employees, Mr. Maksimov, may be responsible for the courier’s death and the package’s disappearance since he was noticed fleeing the planet.

After that, Helena will reward you for finding the courier and ask you to help her track Mr. Maksimov to recover her data. Concluding the conversation will result in the completion of the Missed Connections mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Missed Connections bugs and fixes

There is reportedly a bug where the dead courtier will not spawn at any of the four locations during Missed Connections. This will stop you from advancing the mission.

The only solution to this is to restart the mission.

Starfield – Missed Connections mission rewards

Upon completion of Missed Connections in Starfield, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • XP: 50
  • Credits: 2500

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