How To Get Lithium In Starfield

Important Aid Items and weapons mods will require Lithium for crafting.

When crafting useful items like Microsecond Regulator and Rothicite Magnet in Starfield, you will need rare resources like Lithium. Besides these components, Li is also used to craft useful aid items such as AddiJack.

Lastly, you can use Lithium while crafting different Weapon Mods, including Large Battery and Tactical Battery. If you don’t know where to farm or buy it, don’t worry; we will cover the complete details of lithium farming.

How to farm Lithium in Starfield

You will need to scan the planets you visit to discover Lithium. Once you find it, the next step would be to set up an Outpost to collect it and send it to your Spaceship.

If you are interested in farming Lithium, then you can visit the following Systems and take your time to scan the planets mentioned below to find this specific resource. You can use the Cutter to extract Lithium (Li). Of all the planets mentioned below, the best one where you can farm a lot of Lithium is Tau Ceti VIII-c.

PorrimaPorrima II, Porrima III, Porrima V-a, Porrima VI
BohrBohr III
Alpha MaraAlpha Mara III-d
Alpha TernionAlpha Ternion VII
MuphridMuphrid IV
HawkingHawking VI-b
SyrmaSyrma VII-a
GuniibuuGuniibuu V-c
JaffaJaffa II
AltairAltair IV-b
BelBel II
SiriusSirius III-a
SerpentisSerpentis IV
AndromasAndromas II
Luyten’s StarLuyten’s Rock
MaheoMaheo IV-d, Maheo VII-a
Tau CetiTau Ceti III, Tau Ceti VIII-c
IxyllIxyll V, Ixyll IX-b
Gamma VulpesGamma Vulpes I
Zeta OphiuchiZeta Ophiuchi VI-e
ZelaznyZelazny IV, Zelazny V, Zelazny VI
HylaHyla VII-a
FeynmanFeynman I
NewtonNewton III
MaheoMaheo IV-d, Maheo VII-a
SchrodingerSchrodinger VIII-e
DenebolaDenebola II-a
LunaraOkoro Alpha
MaalMaal VI-a
ShozaShoza III
HeisenbergHeisenberg VI-b, Heisenberg VIII-a
VerneVerne VII-b, Verne VII-e
CopernicusCopernicus V, Copernicus VII-b, Copernicus VII-a, Copernicus Minor I-a, Copernicus Minor I-b
HeinleinHeinlein V-a, Heinlein VI-c
HuygensHuygens VII-d
BardeenBardeen  IV-a, Bardeen V-a
BaraBara VII-c, Bara VII-d
EridaniEridani VIII-c, Eridani VIII-d
Delta PavonisGamow
GroombridgeGroombridge VIII-d
McClureMcClure II
MolochMoloch II
Copernicus MinorCopernicus Minor I-a, Copernicus Minor I-b
RutherfordRutherford III
Beta TernionBeta Ternion I, Beta Ternion III-a
AlgorabAlgorab II, Algorab III-e

How to buy Lithium

The easiest way to obtain lithium would be to purchase this resource in Starfield. Since (Li) won’t cost you a lot of Credits and is priced at around 11 Credits, you will find multiple vendors selling it. These will include the following vendors.

However, there may be certain occasions when Lithium is unavailable, so you can rest for 24 hours and revisit each vendor. This way, you will find that the vendors have restocked Lithium into their inventory in Starfield.

Moreover, you can also resort to using the console command to add Lithium (Li) to your inventory. To do that, you can type in the following command to add one Lithium resource.

player.additem 0000557F 1

In the above command, the 0000557F is the Lithium ID, and 1 is the quantity. You can change the quantity as per your need.

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