How To Farm Copper In Starfield

The best copper farming spots you should visit.

Copper and a few other main resources in Starfield are used in various research projects and crafting items like Zero Wire. You can find it on many planets, but knowing how to farm it is the main thing.

To help you, I just came up with everything you need to learn about farming copper by mining, extracting, or even buying.

Best ways to farm Copper in Starfield

Mining for copper is simple, as you can spot the chunks of Copper randomly stuck to rocks. Just use the scanner, and the copper ores will glow dark green. Once you find an ore, use the Cutter and mine it directly in your inventory.

Although mining is a good way to get copper, planting an extractor can help you get a continuous supply. Use a scanner and look for the green tinge on the surface. If it appears, build an outpost. Then, build an Extractor using the following resources in Starfield.

Next, you need an inventory or storage bin to collect all the mined copper. Make sure that the bin is for solid resources. Now power the extractor using sources like Solar Array, Wind Turbine, or Fueled Generator.

Fueled generators work in all conditions, but for Solar Array, the planet needs to be closer to the sun. The Wind Turbines work best in open areas with a windy climate. Let’s look at the star systems you should visit to farm this resource in Starfield.

Planets with Copper (Cu) Reserves

You can find Copper on 332 planets and moons, making it an effortless job to locate it. However, if you are looking for the best copper farming spots, you should visit the following systems:

  • Cheyenne System
  • Procyon A System
  • Tau Ceti System
  • Sol System
  • Guniibuu System

To see if a planet has copper, look at the stats on the left side of the screen and notice the resources. Below, you will find all the systems where you can find most planets with copper reserves.

SolRhea, Ariel, Titania, Charon
Procyon AProcyon I, Procyon III, Procyon VI-a, Procyon VI-c
Tau CetiTau Ceti I, Tau Ceti III, Tau Ceti IV, Tau Ceti VIII-a
GuniibuuGuniibuu II, Guniibuu IV, Guniibuu V-a, Guniibuu V-d, Guniibuu VII-c
CheyenneSkink, Kalira, Wellish, Agamon A, Agamon B, Agamon D, Stellis A, Tarhnis, Cragg
MolochMoloch III, Moloch V-a, Moloch V-b, Moloch V-d, Moloch VI-a, Moloch VII
IxyllIxyll II, Ixyll III, Ixyll V, Ixyll VI-a, Ixyll VI-b, Ixyll VII-a, Ixyll VII-b, Ixyll VII-c, Ixyll IX-c, Ixyll IX-d
LantanaLantana III, Lantana IV, Lantana V-b, Lantana VII, Lantana VIII-a, Lantana IX-e
GroombridgeGroombridge II, Groombridge II-b, Groombridge V-a, Groombridge V-b, Groombridge V-e, Groombridge VI-a, Groombridge VII-a, Groombridge VIII-c
Zeta OphiuchiZeta Ophiuchi V-b, Zeta Ophiuchi VI-a, Zeta Ophiuchi VI-c, Zeta Ophiuchi VI-e
Alpha TirnaTirna II, Tirna V, Tirna VI-a, Tirna VI-b, Tirna IX, Tirna X-a, Tirna X-c
AlchibaAlchiba IV, Alchiba IV-a, Alchiba VI-a, Alchiba VI-b, Alchiba VI-c, Alchiba VII-a, Alchiba VII-b, Alchiba X-a
FoucaultFoucault V-b, Foucault V-c, Foucault V-d, Foucault VI-a, Foucault VI-c, Foucault VI-e, Foucault VIII-a
CharybdisCharybdis III, Charybdis IV, Charybdis V, Charybdis VI, Charybdis VII-a, Charybdis VII-b

How to buy Copper

You can go to the resource-selling shops in Starfield and buy copper from them. The vendors with copper in stock almost always are Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis, Sieghart’s Outfitters and Mining League in Neon, and the most notable, Midtown Minerals in Akila City. Following are the other shops where Copper can be purchased.

If you don’t want to put in any effort, you can use the following console command to get copper in Starfield.

player.additem 00005576 N

In the code above, 00005576 is the copper item ID, and N shows the quantity. You must replace N with the quantity of copper you want.

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