How To Find All Earth Landmarks In Starfield

Are you looking for the famous Earth Landmarks in Starfield?

In Starfield, visiting certain places like Sinclair’s bookstore is helpful as you can read all the information about the past Earth and learn about all the Earth Landmarks in Starfield. Moreover, you will need to read certain books to get to know the whereabouts of the Earth Landmarks.

By finding these landmarks, you can increase your Survey Score in Starfield. If you are seeking them all out, I will help you discover all these Earth Landmarks in this Starfield guide.

How to unlock all landmarks on Earth

To unlock all landmarks on Earth, you must visit Sinclair’s Bookshop. This shop is in Akila City and shouldn’t be too hard to discover in Starfield. By visiting this place, you can read all kinds of stories from Earth’s past, which can also be related to Landmarks in Starfield.

Moreover, some of these can even give the space fairer clues on where to find Humanity’s last remnants on Earth. I will be discussing all 12 Landmarks that you can discover on Earth in Starfield. These will include the following:

1. Empire State Building, New York

To find clues regarding the landmark Empire State Build, which was situated in New York, you can read the book Our Lost Heritage in Starfield. This book is in the Mast building, which is located in New Atlantis. Once there, take the elevator to the President’s office. This way, you will find this book lying on your table.

It will cover some of the architectural wonders that used to exist on Earth. After reading it, you will get a lead on the New York landmark on Humanity’s Old Stomping grounds in Starfield. Once you land there, you can observe the Empire State Building. Lastly, you will find a New York snow globe to add to your collection in Starfield.

2. The Shard Tower, London

The London Landmark will be known as the Shard Tower in Starfield. To get a lead on this specific Earth landmark, you must read the book Oliver Twist. Furthermore, its location will end up showing on your map. You can see it when viewing Earth, and then you can proceed to land there as well.

It will be a massive skyscraper, and the scale in Starfield is genuinely incredible. Moreover, you will be able to find a snow globe resting just outside this old building, and this will be your souvenir for visiting this specific location in Starfield.

3. Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

If you get your hands on the Ancient Civilization of Egypt book, you will get clues to the Cairo landmark. This landmark will also be known as the Great Pyramid of Giza in Starfield.

Traveling to this location will bring you to the remnants of the pyramids, and just like London, you can also grab a Pyramids snow globe here.

4. NASA Launch Tower, Florida

You will be able to discover this Earth Landmark while traveling through different locations during your main quest in Starfield. This time, it will be the NASA Launch Tower in Florida. This massive structure was to be used to evacuate from Earth when the atmosphere began to tear away from the planet.

Inside, you will find an excellent museum packed with NASA facts and objects, including the Mercury Space Suit, a real-life space suit created for Project Mercury. Moreover, you can even find one to take for yourself at the back of the exhibits.

Past the museum is an office where the NASA snow globe rests alongside an old computer.   

5. Gateway Arch, St. Louis

You can visit the Neon City in Starfield if you want to unearth the Earth Landmark known as Gateway Arch in Starfield. It would be best to find an NPC character named Benjamin Bayu first. After you locate it, go to him and pickpocket him next to steal his Penthouse Key.

This way, you can take the elevator to reach his penthouse. There, you will find a book on the right side of his desk. This specific book will be labeled The Price of Destiny, so you will discover the Gate Arch landmark in St. Louis by going through it.

As usual, follow the marker coordinates; soon enough, you will reach this landmark with relative ease. Moreover, you can find a St. Louis Snow Globe, which you can add to your inventory as a reminder of this place. 

6. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

You can also find the infamous Burj Khalif Earth Landmark in Starfield, but to do that, you must complete certain prerequisites. These will involve you joining the Crimson Fleet faction in Starfield and then following their questline.

During one of the missions, Breaking the Bank, you will get to enter the Siren of the Stars cruise ship in Starfield. Inside, you can go to one of the consoles linked to the operating system and access Dumbrosky, Larry’s credentials next. Then, link the Digipick to unlock the door to his VIP room.

After entering his room, you can spot a book on the table towards your left side. On closer inspection, it will be called the Race to the Heavens. This way, you can easily follow the coordinates to discover the Earth’s landmark, which this time will be the tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

You will also discover a Dubai Snow Globe at this landmark site, so remember to add it to your collection in Starfield. 

7. International Commerce Center, Hongkong

To find the Earth Landmark linked with Honk Kong in Starfield, enter the Sol System and select the New Homestead marker on Titan. After you get there, head straight towards the New Homestead bunker and pass the Chunks shop towards the stairs.

After going down the stairs, take an immediate right, and next to these stairs, you will find a steel bookshelf. On one of its racks, you will find Maurice Lyon’s Journal, which you can read to find the details on the Earth Landmark.

Then, you can pursue the coordinates and locate the International Commerce Center, which used to be a renowned building in Hong Kong.

Once you have come upon the remnants of this particular Earth Landmark, you can gather the Hong Kong Snow Globe from here in Starfield.

8. Abeno Harukas, Osaka (Japan)

Another Earth Landmark can be discovered in Osaka, one of Japan’s prominent cities. The landmark is called Abeno Harukas, and you must continue with the Crimson Fleet questline to get to it.

During one of the missions involved in this questline, you will travel to The Key, the base of this notorious Fleet faction in Starfield.

There, you can explore the rooms, and in one of these rooms, you will find a diary on one of the side tables near a bed. This book will be called The Diary of Kyosuke Nagata, so read it to get the coordinates for the Earth Landmark.

Follow these, and you can easily find the Abeno Harukas earth landmark in Starfield. As usual, don’t forget to collect the Osaka Snow Globe as a reminder of this forgotten landmark from this location.    

9. Shanghai Tower, Shanghai (China)

You can also unearth a popular Earth Landmark at Shanghai in Starfield. You must venture to the Porrima System and select Porrima II next to find the ECS Constant. Once you do that, dock at that shipyard and go towards the Command Bay.

Instead of entering the Command Bay or the Engineering section, follow the path in the middle of these sections.

This way, you will be able to make your way to the Classroom area, where you can find a lot of students being taught by a teacher. Behind her, on a small desk, you will find a book called The Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics next to a large board.

Read this textbook to learn the coordinates of this Earth landmark and follow them to reach the Shanghai Tower in Starfield. After finding it, you can walk around it to find the Shanghai Snow Globe to add to your collection.

10. US Bank Tower, Los Angeles

The US Bank Tower is also another renowned Earth Landmark that you can spot in Starfield. Set your course for the planet Polvo at the Narion System and go to the HopeTech headquarters.

That building can be discovered easily at Hopetown, so after entering this place, head upstairs. You can reach the main room and find a large desk. Make your way towards its left end, and there you can find the book Hope Family Tree in Starfield.

After going through the details in this book, you can venture to the coordinates linking with the associated Earth Landmark. Follow them, and you will surely discover the US Bank Tower, a large old building.

Move around this place and find the Los Angeles Snow Globe to remember this Earth Landmark in Starfield.

Starfield Man-Made Landmarks

11. Opportunity Rover, MARS

You can head to the opportunity exhibit section in Starfield at the NASA museum. There, you can find the MER Program; this way, you can get a lead on the location of the actual Opportunity Rover on Mars.

By heading to that area next, you will find the Rover standing in the Martian desert. Furthermore, on top of its panels, you will discover the snow globe for this wonderful piece of machinery in Starfield.

12. Apollo 11, Moon Landmark

If you want to discover this specific Earth Landmark, you will have to complete a particular quest associated with your main playthrough in Starfield. This mission will be known as Unearthed, and you will have to complete it.

You will be able to discover another book with a good lead inside Mateo’s Room at the Lodge in Starfield. He occupies the space next to the Space Fair’s quarters; inside, you can find Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal.

This book will cover bits about the old Apollo missions, so you can now go and visit the Apollo Landmark on Earth’s Moon Luna in Starfield. This way, you can go to the Apollo 11 Landing site, where you will also find the American flag.

As usual, you will also discover a snow globe here, which will be a nice souvenir from the infancy of space travel.

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