How To Travel To The Key In Starfield

The Key is the HQ for the Crimson Fleet. You can only get here if you are part of the fleet, otherwise you'll get shot down.

The Crimson Fleet is a notorious Space Pirate Gang in Starfield. They also possess several areas under their control, and The Key space station in Starfield is one of them. This spectacular piece of engineering orbits the Suorov planet in the Kryx System. The Key is vital if you join the Crimson Fleet in Starfield.

You will need to go through the painful process of a lengthy side quest to unlock The Key. You can join the Crimson Fleet faction early on in the game through the Rook Meets King mission. After that, you must work through the questline until you meet Naeva Mora. 

The Key is an enormous area with the perks of a full-on city. You can dock your ship here, upgrade it, buy ammo, and sell contraband—almost everything you can expect in a city but on a smaller scale.

Starfield The Key location

the key location in starfield

The Key is a space station in orbit of the Suorov planet. This planet is found in the Kryx System. As mentioned above, this area is under the Crimson Fleet rule. You will be shot upon if you enter this area without being a part of the fleet.  

Fast travel to the Kryx System and look for an ice planet. This will be hard to miss. You will also notice a huge station to it. Approach The Key and use the on-screen prompt to dock it in Starfield. 

How to get to The Key in Starfield

Getting to The Key will require some severe grinding. You will first need to join the Crimson Fleet. We suggest going to Mars, shooting a UC officer you come across, and instantly holstering your weapon. UC officers will approach you, and the same dialogue will begin, which begins when you are getting arrested.

But this time, you will be given another option: the officers will demand to present you to their captain. Little do they know, their captain is a traitor and is part of the Crimson Fleet. Meet him, and he will assign you your first task, the Deep Cover side quest in Starfield.

This task will officially make you a member of the Crimson Crew. This side quest will lead to another, and so on. Keep an eye out for the Rook meets King side quest. This will be your chance of getting into The Key. Halfway into the quest, you will meet Naeva Mora.

She is among the well-known and higher-ups in the Crimson Fleet. She will be tasking you with different missions. Complete them to pledge your loyalty, and you will be granted access to The Key. 

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