Where To Find ECS Constant In Starfield?

The ECS Constant is a massive ship in Starfield that left Earth over 200 years ago. It has been flying through space slowly as it started its voyage before Grav Drives became a thing.

ECS Constant in Starfield is a massive vessel traveling for 200 years in space. It left the earth over 200 years ago and has been traveling long before the invention of the Grav Drive. It has a crew who have been living their whole lives on board and never saw the outside world.

You will be able to board this massive colony ship during the First Contact mission in Starfield. But finding it comes after you end the mission in a certain way.

Finding such vessels is crucial. It involves various missions and side quests that allow you to explore different areas and have exciting adventures. This guide will help you with the location of ECS Constant and the location bug associated with it.

ECS Constant location in Starfield

You can board the ECS Constant in Starfield during the First Contact mission. However, there is a catch as you need to make a certain choice. You can only find this massive vessel if you buy the Grav Drive from Bennu St. James.

This drive will cost you 40,000, but if you choose to negotiate, he will lower the price to 25,000 credits. it is still pricey but is worth it. Getting a Grav Drive is vital as it lets your spaceship travel at least 22 Light years in one jump.

Open the mission log after completing the First Contact mission and getting the Grav Drive. The ECS Constant mission will be active if you do everything correctly. Activating the mission will give you the ECS Contact’s exact location. After getting the mission, install the Grav Drive on your ship.

With the Grav Drive, you can calmly travel several solar systems in a short amount of time. Since the ECS Constant changes location frequently, following the marker to find the ECS Constant vessel is crucial.

Locating the ECS Constant in Starfield has a bug that prevents you from finding the ship even if you are at the marker. Many players are facing this problem; it may be because the ECS Constant vessel moves frequently. Regardless of the reason, you will most likely not be able to find the ship on your first try.

The best way to find the vessel is to keep track of this mission so you will know if the marker changes. You can then reload an earlier save and restart the mission to get a new marker. Keep doing this, and you will eventually find the ship.

When you find the ship, board this enormous vessel to complete the mission.

What to do with the ECS Constant

There are various side quests and missions in the ECS Constant Vessel in Starfield. So, keep looking at your mission log to discover new missions, side quests, and exciting adventures.

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