How To Generate Resources From Starfield Outposts

Outposts in Starfield can be used to generate resources and minerals so let us explain how to set them up to harvest useful materials.

Running around planets and gathering resources manually can become quite tiresome in Starfield. On top of that, there are some resources that can’t be harvested with the help of your laser cutter. That is where outposts and their resource-generation capabilities come in. While outposts can serve as hubs for your crafting workbenches, their main use is harvesting. With an automated process, you can continue to generate resources from Starfield outposts even when traveling the galaxy.

Types of resources gathered from Outposts in Starfield

Every planet or moon in Starfield has different types of resources to offer. Each resource has different uses. Some of the most common resources you can generate from outposts in Starfield and their uses are mentioned below

  • Iron – crafting and building
  • Aluminum – crafting and building
  • Helium – fueling/ upgrading outposts
  • Water – cooking
  • Alkanes – weapons, armor, consumable(food), outpost structures, research
  • Beryllium – upgrading weapons, buildings

There are other resources as well throughout the planets as you will need to set up different outposts to mine different products for various uses. Gases like Chlorine or Argon can only be harvested with the help of outposts and can’t be mined like some other resources.

How to generate resources from Starfield Outposts

Assuming that you already collected all the resources and machinery required to generate resources from the outpost. You will need to follow the following steps to generate resources from any outpost:

Find the perfect location for harvesting resources

To find a perfect location for your outpost you will need to do quite a bit forward thinking. What resources you are looking for? What will be the ideal and safest location? After you have all these answers select a place with abundant resources and set up an outpost there. You can use the hand scanner or survey a planet to figure out what kind of resources are available on it and their abundance in areas.

Make sure that you set an outpost for the extraction of resources on a planet that is habitual for building and living and not one with extreme climate conditions.

Set up an outpost beacon

Starfield allows you to set up 8 outpost beacons at once. Open up your hand scanner once you have found the place where you wish to build your outpost. Select the outpost beacon option and place it down. This is the first step to building your outpost and harvesting resources in Starfield.

If you are at max capacity and wish to build a new one, you will need to remove an older outpost.

Build a power source

To generate resources from an outpost you will need to have a source of power that will help run your extractor. The power source should provide enough power for not only your extractors but also other outpost modules like defenses, cargo links and storage.

Build an Extractor

For every resource, you will have a different kind of extractor. Go to the extractor tab and select the respective extractor for the resource you want to mine. However, some extractors only tend to work when they are placed on top of the resource vein. This specifically applies to resources like Argon where you need to place the extractor on the gas vent.

Build a Transfer Container

Although the extractors tend to work automatically and require no manual labor to keep them working they have very limited storage inside them and as soon as the storage is full the extractor will halt all its operations. So for this, you need to build a Transfer Container.

With the Transfer Container in place, all the generated resources will automatically move from the Extractor to the storage. You can manually pick it up from there or establish cargo links.

Connect the extractor to a Transfer Container

After duly completing all of your processes you need to click on your extractor and there you will see an option called “Create an Output Link” on the bottom. Click on the output link option and you will be shown a pipe, now while selecting that click on your storage container and press the button again to form the connection. By doing so all of the resources gathered by the extractor will be sent to the storage container.

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