How To Get Cosmetic Material In Starfield

Cosmetic in Starfield is a resource that you may need to upgrade some gear and equipment in the game.

There are dozens of resources available in Starfield, including the cosmetic material you will need to upgrade or craft a mod. It is not a makeup item but a requirement for upgrading items like your Spacesuit helmet.

No need to worry if you are unsure where to find cosmetics in Starfield; I’m here to guide you.

Where to find Cosmetics in Starfield

Like many resources, there are multiple ways to obtain Cosmetic Material in Starfield. I will take you through them so you can find cosmetics easily when required.

Buy it from Vendors

Most resource materials are available at the different vendors on different planets in the Starfield. Here are some of the recommended vendors in Starfield to find Cosmetics:

Vendor NameLocation
Jemison MercantileNew Atlantis, Jemison Planet
Denis AverinCydonia, Planet Mars
UC Distribution shopNew Atlantis, Planet Jemison
Trade AuthorityNeon, Volii Alpha

For some of these merchants, you must be at a specific level to purchase the Cosmetic Material. Each Cosmetic Material you buy will cost 8 Credits, a very fair price.

If you find Cosmetics in Starfield out of stock in any of the above shops, then rest at a rest point for 24 hours and revisit the vendor.


Investigate Flora and Fauna

Cosmetic material is an organic resource, meaning it can be produced by plants such as Flora and Fauna. Scan the Flora and Fauna whenever you visit a planet, as it will not just help you get a 100% planet survey score, but you might get Cosmetic Material.

Loot from enemies and containers

Enemies drop several kinds of resources, and there are chances that you might get Cosmetic material in Starfield. One of the best ways to stock resources without spending money is to raid enemy ships and loot items from their container. You can also loot containers in abandoned settlements, outposts, and supply posts.

What is the cosmetic material used for in Starfield?

Cosmetic Material is a rare organic resource that you will need for mod crafting recipes and upgrading gears. The first time you will need Cosmetic Material will probably be when you upgrade your Spacesuit helmet by applying a mod.

We recommend keeping some Cosmetics stock in Starfield with you so you can use them instantly when needed.

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