Starfield Procyon III Survey Guide

In the Procyon A system, you will find a planet called Procyon III that you can survey to gather data and sell it for Credits.

Procyon III is the third planet of the “Procyon A” star system that you can survey in Starfield. This offers a high O2 atmosphere. Its surface is generally rocky, and it has a gravity of 1.07. The water type found here is chemical, and the temperature stays cold.

A moderate amount of flora and fauna are also found here that need to be scanned using the Survey Checklist on this planet. Apart from that, a few resources and planet traits are also found here.

How to 100% Survey Procyon III in Starfield

Surveying Procyon III 100% requires you to scan the 5 flora, 10 fauna, 7 resources, and 3 planet traits from the Survey Checklist using your scanner.

Procyon III Survey Checklist      

ResourcesArgon, Water, Fluorine, Copper, Tetrafluorides, Ionic Liquids, and Neon
FloraCold Cave, NettleBog, BloomFrost, ReedRotting, StinkrootSwamp, and Weed
FaunaCoralheart Herbivore, Pack Coralbug Stalker, Pack Coralcrab Stalker, Herding Coralcrawler Grazer, Hunting Kronosaurus, Hunting Shieldshell, Flocking Octomaggot Grazer, Schooling Featherfin Filterer, Herding Crabfly Grazer, and Gossamer Scavenger
Planet TraitsGravitational Anomaly, Psychotropic Biota and Corraline Landmass

All Fauna on Procyon III

Procyon III has moderate fauna; you need to scan the following ten to survey this planet.

  • Coralheart Herbivore: Found in Wetlands biome and acts as an Antimicrobial
  • Pack Coralbug Stalker: Found in Wetlands biome and acts as a Toxin
  • Pack Coralcrab Stalker: Found in Wetlands biome and acts as a Stimulant
  • Herding Coralcrawler Grazer: Found in Wetlands biome and acts as Sealant
  • Hunting Kronosaurus: Found in the Ocean biome and acts as Nutrient
  • Hunting Shieldshell: Found in the Frozen Plains biome and acts as Spice
  • Flocking Octomaggot Grazer: Found in Wetlands biome and acts as Sedative
  • Schooling Featherfin Filterer: Found in the Ocean biome and acts as an Adhesive
  • Herding Crabfly Grazer: Found in Frozen Plains biome and acts as Metabolic Agent
  • Gossamer Scavenger: Found in Frozen Plains biome and acts as Structural Material

Fauna are different types of Living species that look like animals. To find these, you must use your scanner to ensure they are from the Survey Checklist. After that, you can use any weapon of your choice to kill them.

Doing so will make them complete the Starfield Procyon III Survey Checklist. Another benefit of killing Fauna is that their bodies will automatically be added to your inventory and later be used to craft different Workbenches items.

All Flora on Procyon III

There is moderate flora on Procyon III, and you need to scan the following 5 in Starfield to survey this planet.

  • Cold Cave Nettle: Found in the Frozen Plains biome and acts as a Sealant
  • Bog Bloom: Found in Wetlands biome and acts as Nutrient
  • Frost Reed: Found in the Frozen Plains biome and acts as Fiber
  • Rotting Stinkroot: Found in Wetlands biome and acts as an Antimicrobial
  • Swamp Weed: Found in Wetlands biome and acts as Ornamental Material

How to Find Resources on Procyon III

You can scan Procyon III using your scanner in Starfield for the following resources:

Argon“Argon has several uses in Starfield, from the production of graphite, researching dark matter at the Research Laboratory, in lighting, preservatives, or even in cryogenics.”
Water“Water is one of the fundamental requirements for life used in research projects at the Research Laboratory.”
Fluorine“Fluorine is an uncommon inorganic resource that can be used in several crafting recipes.”
Copper“Chlorine is an uncommon inorganic resource used to unlock research projects, upgrade your gear, and build various Outpost.”
Tetrafluorides“Tetrafluorides are a rare inorganic component used in crafting and researching Performance Enhancement in Pharmacology as well as in industrial workbenches for various manufactured items.”
Ionic Liquids“Ionic Liquids are a rare exotic resource used to craft various items and fulfill research project requirements, like the Performance Enhancement 3 research project.”
Neon“Neon is used in crafting 2 laser mods, namely the Foregrip With Laser Sight mod and the Laser Sight mod. It is also used for 1 optic mod, the Red Dot Sight.”

To find these resources, you first need to start your scanner and scan every part of this planet. Once you come across a mineral from the Survey Checklist, it will be marked as “Blue Outline.” It will turn into a “Green Outline” once scanned.

All Biomes on Procyon III in Starfield

Procyon III planet consists of the following biomes that can be explored by landing your ship in different regions:

  • Frozen Plains biome
  • Wetlands biome
  • Ocean

How to Discover Procyon III Traits

You can discover the following three planet traits on Procyon III by following unknown location markers shown on your scanner:

  • Gravitational Anomaly: Discovered after scanning the Gravitational Anomaly in biomes.
  • Psychotropic Biota: Discovered after scanning the Fungal Grottos in Lush or Unusual Groves.
  • Corraline Landmass: Discovered after scanning Coralline Mineral Pools in locations called Coral Ponds.

There are special places on this planet that you can visit to get the traits mentioned above. From the looks, these places look like a marvel of nature, such as the mineral outgrowth or Fungal Colony.

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