How to get Caelumite In Starfield

In Starfield, getting your hands on the Caelumite is a tough job but the search is worth it.

Going through the massive Cosmos in Starfield will also occupy you in mining ores. Some of these are easy to farm, but farming Caelumite in Starfield is difficult. Caelumite is an item that will give you a hard time finding.

The item is of great rarity, and finding it is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack. Caelumite is one of the most important crafting materials in Starfield. It will help you create one of the best stealth builds, which is why it comes at a high cost.

Caelumite Item ID is 000788D6, and you can use the console command to spawn it.

Furthermore, the application of Caelumite in different factors will be explained, and I will instruct you on how to mine the Caelumite ore as it does have some constraints.

Starfield Caelumite Locations

Caelumite is one of the rarest inorganic resources in Starfield. Farming calamite is difficult, given how it is found in one of the most difficult locations, only accessible once you have delved deeper into the main campaign.

Unfortunately, Caelumite shares a connection with the main quests very much, as it will mostly be found at the locations that the campaign involves. We have listed the best location to find caelumite in Satrfield:

  • Abandoned Mine
  • Argos Extractors Mining Outpost
  • The Empty Nest
  • Temple Planets and Anomalies

Mining Caelumite at Abandoned Mine

The Abandoned Mine is a Procedural location in Starfield. You will find this location when venturing through the Porrima IV-C planet in the Porrima system. This location is rich with Caelumite; you will have enough material collected in your arsenal after leaving the planet.

Mining Caelumite at Argos Extractors Mining Outpost

Argos Extractors Mining Outpost is one of the buildings you will come across in the Narion system on the Vectera planet in Starfield. This building only contains Caelumite, enriching it with the existence of this crafting material.

The Empty Nest Quest

The Empty Nest is a building in the Cheyenne system on the Akila planet in Starfield. You will find this location on the outskirts of Akila City. The Shaw Gang infests it and is mostly famous for being an exclusive Caelumite location in Starfield.

Temple Planets and Anomalies: you can find Caelumite in

Each planet you visit consists of Temples and anomalies. These are the best locations to find Caelumite in Starfield. Simply go around these gravitational anomalies to find tons of Caelumite. However, you must complete the Power From Beyond mission by visiting the Eye and talking to Vladimir. This will allow you to find several Caelumite in the Settled Systems.

How to mine Caelumite in Starfield

The easiest way to mine Caelumite in Starfield requires the Laser Cutter you can find during the One Small Step mission. This is a general weapon that is mainly used to extract all minerals. The main advantage of this laser gun is that it has no constraints in ammunition as it gets filled up automatically over time. Just use it with breaks; you can easily farm Caelumite and other minerals in Starfield.

Comparatively, Caelumite might take a few more extra seconds in mining than other ores like Tungsten. To maximize the amount of Caelumite you get, increment your Geology skill.

What to do with Caelumite?

Caelumite is required mainly in weaponry, armor modifications, research projects, and outpost-building domains. It is also necessary in crafting Spacesuits as well, and it caters to building top-notch Spacesuits.

Caelumite helps you integrate the Gravitic Composite Mod into your spacesuit in Starfield. The mod puts you at an advantage when you are performing stealth-featured actions.

You can use it with the armor mods, but must level up your Spacesuit Design skill. These mods go pretty well with your stealth builds in Starfield.

Starfield Caelumite Item ID

You can further add Caelumite directly into your inventory by heading over to your Starfield console command and typing the following input into your window:

  • player.additem 000788D6

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