How To Get Caelumite In Starfield

In Starfield, getting your hands on the Caelumite is a tough job but the search is worth it.

Caelumite is one of the rarest unique inorganic resources in Starfield. It’s found lining the caves of areas where the Artifacts are discovered. This makes farming Caelumite difficult, given it is only accessible once you have delved deeper into the main campaign.

Caelumite is one of the most important crafting materials. As you progress through the game, you will find more and more use of this rare item. It will help you create one of the best stealth builds, which is why it comes at a high cost.

Since locating it is like finding a needle in a haystack, we have shared how you can farm Caelumite easily. Note that this guide contains spoilers for late-game and New Game Plus.

Best locations to farm Caelumite in Starfield

Caelumite minerals can be found in the areas near the Artifacts in Starfield. Since the resource is so limited in the Settled Systems, here are a couple of quick locations where you can find it:

Unfortunately, Caelumite shares a connection with the main quests very much, as it will mostly be found at the locations that the campaign involves. We have listed the best location to find Caelumite in Satrfield:

  • Abandoned Mine
  • Argos Extractors Mining Outpost
  • Buy from vendors
  • The Empty Nest and Into the Unknown mission
  • Temple Planets and Anomalies
  • Use console commands

Temple locations are randomized so their locations can be different for every playthrough.

Abandoned Mines of Porrima IV-C

The Abandoned Mine is a Procedural location in Starfield. You will find this location when venturing through the Porrima IV-C planet in the Porrima system. This location is rich with Caelumite; you will have enough material collected in your arsenal after leaving the planet.

Argos Extractors Mining Outpost

Argos Extractors Mining Outpost is one of the buildings you will come across in the Narion system on the Vectera planet in Starfield. This building only contains Caelumite, enriching it with the existence of this crafting material.

Around Gravitational Anomalies

Each Artifact in Starfield has its own corresponding temple around which gravitational anomalies are present. They look like huge floating structures that you can spot easily using your hand scanner. These sites contain large veins of Caelumite which you can farm in abundance.

To discover more temple locations, you need to play through the Power of Beyond mission multiple times. Check the ‘completed’ quests from the mission menu to track old temples down.


The best Artifact site for farming Caelumite is the one from the opening sequence. It is also the most accessible one.

Purchase from Vendors

Caelumite can be purchased from quite a lot of resource and mineral vendors in Starfield. It most commonly is carried by the ones in the Mining League in Neon City, and Midtown Mineral in Akila City. A single Caelumite piece will cost you 264 Credits.

The Empty Nest Quest

While on the hunt for the Artifact during The Empty Nest mission, you reach the cave where it is located on the outskirts of Akila City. Before heading out, look around to find Caelumite deposits in your surroundings.

Into The Unknown quest

Scavenger Burrows is another location abundant in Caelumite which you will come across during the Into The Unknown mission. Getting to the Burrows does require significant progress in the main storyline but can later serve as a convenient farming site.

Use console commands

If farming Caelumite is presenting a challenge, you can spawn it using console commands. Caelumite Item ID is 000788D6. Use the following console command to add Caelumite directly to your inventory:

player.additem 000788D6


Console commands will disable your achievements. The only solution is to use mods in Starfield to re-activate them.

How to easily mine Caelumite in Starfield

There are two ways to mine Caelumite: using a Laser Cutter or Elemental Pull power.

The most accessible method is the Laser Cutter, which you can find during the One Small Step mission. It can extract all types of minerals and has no ammunition to limit its use. The only thing to watch out for is overheating which can be avoided by taking breaks between uses.

Tip: Caelumite might take a few more extra seconds to mine than other ores like Tungsten. To maximize the amount of Caelumite you get, increment your Geology skill.

The fastest way to mine Caelumite is to use the Elemental Pull power. It has the most farming-associated use than other Starborn Powers.  It can grab all types of minerals in an instant within a certain range. It can also land you some rare gems which gives you another reason to ditch the Cutter.

How to use Caelumite?

Caelumite is used as a crafting material at the Industrial Workbench in Starfield. You can use it for crafting equipment mods and aid items.

In Research Projects, it is utilized in crafting the Helmet Mods 3 and Spacesuit Mods 3. Caelumite is also used for crafting the Gravitic Composite Helmet and Spacesuit. They put you at an advantage when you are performing stealth-featured actions

For Aid Items, you use it for crafting aid items for various buffs like Power Recovery and Damage Resistance. These items include Dwarf Star Heart, Black Hole Heart, Supermassive Black Heart, and the Giant Heart series.

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