Understanding The Oxygen System In Starfield

Oxygen is very limited in Starfield for which they have developed a handy tracking system called Oxygen Meter.

Oxygen Meter in Starfield lets you track your oxygen level and consumption as you progress through the game’s storyline. Your oxygen bar will drop if you do activities like Melee Attacks, Jumping, and Sprinting.

If you do these activities longer, your oxygen level will drop to zero. When that happens, your carbon dioxide levels will also start to accumulate. You can also track your CO2 levels using the red bar that comes along with the Oxygen meter.

Your health will start to take a hit once you build up a toxic amount of CO2 in your body. After that, you will lose your ability to heal as well as the ability to sprint. It would be best if you took severe action to restore your Oxygen levels in Starfield.

How to conserve Oxygen in Starfield

In Starfield, you can conserve oxygen using things like Boost Packs and the right traits. Knowing the best traits to pick at the start will help you considerably conserve oxygen.

Using the Boost Pack

The best way that you can use to conserve Oxygen in Starfield is by using the Boost Pack. This is because the boost pack is doing all the work, and you are just resting. Remember that while using the Boost Pack, you eventually use its Stats, which will deplete at some point.

Get the Extrovert or Introvert Traits

You can conserve the oxygen levels by selecting either an “Introvert” or “Extrovert” trait. This can be done when you build your character at the start of Starfield.


Factors that affect Oxygen Level

The factors that will affect your Oxygen Levels in Starfield are listed below:

Over Encumbered

Encumbered is the condition in which your character carries more weight than he should. When that happens, you will use more oxygen than usual, even when walking.

To avoid that, you can lighten yourself by storing items on your ship. Another way is to assign items to one of your companions in Starfield, which will lighten your load.

If you can’t do both mentioned above, you can increase your Inventory capacity. On the other hand, you can also equip yourself with armor that will increase your ability to carry more weight.

Heavy Attacks

While fighting enemies in Starfield, your oxygen meter can take a hit along with your HP when you take damage. You can use a long-range weapon to fight from a distance. One such example is Ballistic Weapons.


In Starfield, depleting oxygen is also possible if a Status Effect affects your health. One example of these Status Effects ailments is Coughs and Infections from Lung Damage.

Tips to increase Oxygen Level in Starfield

You can use “Drinks and Foods” to increase your oxygen levels. You must unlock their recipes using the Research Projects to craft food and drink. Afterward, you can gather ingredients listed in the recipes to craft them.

Level up the Fitness Skill

In Starfield, if you have the right fitness level, you will get less tired and exhausted. Both of these things will contribute to depleting your oxygen meter in Starfield. You will also increase your overall Oxygen meter capacity by unlocking the buff linked to each progressing “Fitness Level.”

Jumping using Boost Pack

As you might already know, jumping in Starfield is one of the ways that you can restore your oxygen. But you can double that gain by doing jumps using the Boost Pack. The reason that you will regenerate the oxygen from the jumps is that your character will go to rest while jumping. Resting in Starfield also increases your oxygen levels.

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