Understanding The Oxygen System In Starfield

Oxygen is very limited in Starfield for which they have developed a handy tracking system called Oxygen Meter.

The Oxygen Meter in Starfield lets you track your oxygen level and consumption as you progress through the game. This is essentially your stamina bar and tracks what kind of physical activities you can do. Each type of activity will use up Oxygen and the bar will go down until it hits zero.

When that happens, your carbon dioxide levels will also start to accumulate. Your health will start to take a hit once you build up a toxic amount of CO2 in your body. And then you start to lose functionality.

This guide will tell you more on how the oxygen system works in Starfield.

How to Conserve Oxygen in Starfield

In Starfield, you can conserve oxygen using things like Boost Packs and the right traits. Knowing the best traits to pick at the start will help you considerably conserve oxygen.

Using the Boost Pack

The best way that you can use to conserve Oxygen in Starfield is by using the Boost Pack. This is because the boost pack is doing all the work, and you are just resting. Remember that while using the Boost Pack, you eventually use its Stats, which will deplete at some point.

Get the Extrovert or Introvert Traits

You can conserve the oxygen levels by selecting either an “Introvert” or “Extrovert” trait. This can be done when you build your character at the start of Starfield.

Factors that affect Oxygen Level

The factors that will affect your Oxygen Levels in Starfield are listed below:

Over Encumbered

Encumbered is the condition in which your character carries more weight than he should. When that happens, you will use more oxygen than usual, even when walking.

To avoid that, you can lighten yourself by storing unwanted away. You can also increase your Inventory capacity and equip spacesuits that will increase your carry weight.

If your oxygen starts depleting faster than normal, it means you are probably over-encumbered. This isn’t a bug as some players may be concerned with, but a regular game function.

Heavy Attacks

While fighting enemies in Starfield, your oxygen meter can take a hit when you perform heavy attacks. Always keep an eye on the oxygen bar when using heavy attacks. If you spam too many at a time, you’ll be out oxygen.


In Starfield, depleting oxygen is also possible if a Status Effect affects your health.

Tips to Increase Oxygen Level in Starfield

You can use “Drinks and Foods” to increase your oxygen levels. You must unlock their recipes using the Research Projects to craft food and drink. Afterward, you can gather ingredients listed in the recipes to craft them.

Level up the Fitness Skill

In Starfield, you will get less tired if you have the right fitness level. You will use less oxygen as your body will be in top shape.

Acquire the Fitness Skill

An easy way to increase the Oxygen available to you in Starfield is by acquiring the Fitness Skill, which belongs to the Fitness Skill tree. This skill has a total of four ranks, each of which requires completing a challenge, which are;

Fitness Skill RankDescriptionChallenge
Rank 1You have 10% more oxygen availableNIL
Rank 2You have 20% more oxygen availableUse up all oxygen 20 times
Rank 3You have 30% more oxygen availableUse up all oxygen 50 times
Rank 4Power attacks and sprinting consume less overall oxygenUse up all oxygen 100 times
Fitness skill ranks in Starfield

Jumping using Boost Pack

Jumping in Starfield uses your oxygen the most. But you can lessen the strain by using Boost Packs to launch yourself in the air. Resting in Starfield also increases your oxygen levels.

Craft the Oxygen Reserve Pack Mod

The oxygen reserve pack mod can be used across any pack in the game. You can craft it on any Spacesuit workbench found throughout the world. To craft an Oxygen Reserve Pack Mod, you need 1x Aluminum and 1x Sealant. This item adds an extra 10% oxygen capacity to your suit.

Acquire gear with an O2 Filter mod

Some pieces of gear in Starfield come with an O2 filter that reduces the amount of oxygen you consume at any given time. This is an effective way to increase the amount of oxygen you have in the game. O2 filters also stack, so if you have two gear pieces with an O2 filter mod, you’ll reduce oxygen consumption by their total amount.

Use the Personal Atmosphere Power

This is more of a last resort option, but if you run low on oxygen, use the Personal Atmosphere power. Powers in Starfield allows you to pull off a quick special move that aids you in combat and exploration. The Personal Atmosphere power immediately gives you an oxygen boost, which can prove highly useful if you’re in a pinch.

Starfield Oxygen Challenges Bug

If you’re trying to increase your oxygen in Starfield and cannot, you’ve likely run into a widely reported bug. This bug affects a challenge where you must completely deplete your oxygen several times. This bug happens when the game doesn’t track progress in the challenge. Here are some fixes for it.

  • The first fix involves simply running in and out of your ship while parked on a remote planet. Doing so may allow your challenge to track. If this method doesn’t work, try acquiring the Spaced trait. This trait increases your health and oxygen when you’re in space.
  • Another workaround for this bug involves being over-encumbered. Doing so depletes your oxygen much more quickly. Once your oxygen hits zero, sprint back to your ship and head straight to your bed. Go to sleep for as long as you’d like, and your oxygen will be at 0% when you wake up. This will fix the bug and track your progress.

How to get unlimited Oxygen in Starfield

To get unlimited oxygen in Starfield, you need to enable god mode. This can only be done on a PC. To do so, open the console command bar by pressing ` on your PC and then type in tgm. This is effectively cheating, but it gets the job done.

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