How To Get Tantalum In Starfield

In Starfield, Tantalum is a vital resource that you can use for crafting powerful weapon and armor mods.

Apart from Doing Quests, fighting, and exploring the giant galaxies in Starfield, you will also gather various minerals, including Tantalum. The minerals and ores vary in their rarity and the crafting domains they are used in.

Getting Tantalum is a bit tricky, but it is possible. The guide will brief you on where to get Tantalum and how you can get it. I will also explain how to use Tantalum and its different applications.

For those of you having difficulty finding this rare organic resource, I will also let you in on a sweet shortcut that will instantly spawn the item in your Inventory.

Where to find Tantalum in Starfield

Looking at the rarity of Tantalum, you might assume it’s tooth and nail to find this item, but it’s not what it seems. It is located in many places, and I’ll go through each. Planets and moons in Starfield are the most abundant places to get this resource.

Harvest from Planets

Tantalum(Ta) in Starfield is abundant, spanning numerous planets and moons. Following are the planets and moons from which you can harvest or mine Tantalum.

  • Oborum II-a – Oborum Prime     
  • Aranae IV-a – AranaeHe-3,
  • Tidacha I-b – Tidacha      
  • Indum III-b – Indum H20,
  • Luyten’s Rock – Luyten’s Star     
  • Tau Ceti VI-a – Tau Ceti 
  • Guniibuu IV – Guniibuu 
  • Indum IV-d – Indum       
  • Nesoi – Olympus              
  • Indum I – Indum  

However, remember that you will not only find Ta in Starfield, but the mentioned planets and moons all have Iron ores abundantly. Furthermore, most listed planets/moons also have water in Starfield. To mine Tantalum, equip the cutter and span its laser over the tantalum rock. It will take a few seconds, and then it will be harvested.

Buy from a Shop

Go to New Atlantis, and there you will find Jemison Mercantile. Midtown Minerals Shop in the Akila City of Akila Planet also keeps rare inorganic resources. In Volli Alpha’s Planet, it can be found at the Mining League vendor in Neon City.

All the mentioned locations do not have higher player-level constraints as they require level 1 to level 2. The abundance of Tantalum in the mentioned Shops varies at different times.

How to use Tantalum in Starfield

The majority of the applications of Tantalum are under Weapon and ammo crafting. Using Tantalum in the crafts can let you wield highly powered weapons. Tantalum is also used in bases and outposts.

Craft ammo and weapon mods

Tantalum gets consumed mainly in the crafting of Muzzle and Interal mods. If you prefer stealth, then the Stealth laser, Short Suppressor, and Suppressor Muzzle mods might be the ones for you to craft using Tantalum in Starfield.

If you want to apply Internal mods in your weapons, Tantalum will get you High-powered and Amplifier  Internal mods.

How to get Tantalum using Console Command

Buying and mining Tantalum can sometimes be tedious, and players may find it unpleasant. If this is the case, you can use Starfield’s built-in Console/Terminal to get as many numbers of Resources as you want. To acquire Tantalum, press the ~ key left of key one on your keyboard.

This will prompt the console. Use the following command to get Tantalum successfully. “Player. additem 556F 100“.In the following command, 556F refers to the item called Tantalum, and 100 means the quantity of the item.

If you want more than 100, replace 100 with a more significant number and do not enter any decimal value as it would render the command not to work. Then, visit your Inventory, and you will find Tantalum residing in the desired amount you entered in the console.

Keep in mind that using any console commands in Starfield will disable Achievements. But don’t worry; there is an Achievement Enabler mod as well.

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