How To Mine Helium-3 With Extractor in Starfield

The extractor equipment in your outpost will allow you to safely mine Helium-3 in Starfield. This is a fuel source you can use to generate energy.

In Starfield, you will encounter many resources like Iron, Helium-3, etc. Knowing how to generate resources in Starfield is vital since you will need them at every turn. Resources are important in Starfield as they are used in crafting or as power sources like Helium-3. Like Iron, Helium-3 can also be mined, but is much trickier to do in Starfield.

Since Helium-3 is an ideal resource for a power source, it will be very beneficial if you have it in your inventory. This guide will help you mine Helium-3 with Extractor, which is much safer and effective.

Best way to mine Helium-3 in Starfield

Since Helium-3 is one of the resources in Starfield, it will be visible in the planet description after you land. You can only access the resources list of the planet if you have visited it.

To view the resource list of the planet you have visited, press R on the PC and LB on the Xbox while viewing the planet on the map. The best planets with vast resources are Kurtz (Moon of Jemison planet in Alpha Centauri System) and Anake (in Olympus Star System).

Once you have found the planet with Helium-3, fast-travel to the planet and build an Outpost. Sometimes, you cannot build an Outpost because of the extreme environment on that planet. In this case, you must gather points in your Planetary Habitation skill to set up an Outpost.

There are two ways to extract Helium-3 after landing on the planet; the first method is to approach the air from the small vents and grab it. Alternatively, you can also use the scanner and scan the area to find the cluster of Helium-3 with a green indication in the scanner.

However, grabbing the air with your hands is harmful because the Helium-3 is toxic and will enter your lungs. It will deplete the Oxygen Supply instantly and cause you to cough. It is not recommended since it is ineffective and dangerous to your health.

The second way is to use the scanner to detect the Helium-3 cluster and then approach it. Now, rather than grabbing it with your hands, build an Outpost Beacon near it. Now, you want to set up a Helium-3 Extractor. However, you will need 4 Nickel, 5 Aluminum, and 3 Copper to set up an Extractor.

If you have these materials, enter the Outpost’s build menu and plant the Extractor. After planting the Extractor, build the power source of the extractor. With a power source created, the extractor will automatically collect the Helium-3. You can also check the current supply by walking close to the extractor.

Why do you need Helium-3 in Starfield?

Having a mass of 0.60 and a value of 14, Helium-3 is the best power source for a fuel generator in Starfield. You can use this Helium-3-fueled generator to power up an Outpost.

You can use the Gas Storage Container to store Helium-3 from the Extractor and then transfer it to the generator. Although it has a base power of 20, which is very effective, you will need to fuel up Helium-3 in the generator for smooth running occasionally.

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