Starfield Kreet Survey Guide

You will be visiting several moons in Starfield, one of which is Kreet.

Kreet is a moon found in the Narion system in Starfield. Like all other habitable bodies, Kreet can be explored and Surveyed. Surveying involves finding and scanning each and everything the planet has to offer, including the Flora, Fauna, and Resources.

Each planet has different combinations of these things, along with unique biomes. These include Mountains, Volcanoes, and Frozen Volcanoes. Before you land on the planet, you can conduct an overall survey from your Spacecraft.

This reveals all the Flora, Fauna, and Resources you will need to scan in order to 100% the planet. This survey also reveals other information about the planet including its temperature, atmosphere, gravity, and its type. You will visit Kreet during the second main story mission.

Kreet Survey Checklist in Starfield

On Kreet you will find three types of Fauna and Flora along with 8 Resources. Flora and Fauna need to be scanned multiple times to be added to your database. However, Resources need only be scanned once.


  • Kreet Grazer – Found in Volcanic and Mountain biomes
  • Kreet Stalker – Found in Volcanic and Mountain biomes
  • Trilobite – Found in Volcanic, Mountain, and Frozen Volcanic biomes

The Fauna on Kreet can be hostile if agitated, so try to keep a safe distance when scanning them. Consider upgrading your Surveying skill (which is found in the science tree) to allow you to scan Fauna while standing farther away. It is also important to note that Fauna can be only scanned if they are alive, so make sure you do not kill them.


  • Dust Root – Found in the Volcanic biome
  • Nebula Vine – Found in the Mountain biome
  • Frost Reed – Found in the Frozen Volcanic biome

The Flora on Kreet presents no threat. Simply walk up to them and scan them. The Dust Root and Nebula Vine net you fibers upon harvesting while the Frost Reed gives you Nutrients.


How To Find Resources on Kreet in Starfield

The following 8 resources are found on Kreet.

  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Silver
  • Argon
  • Neon
  • Alkanes
  • Water
  • Helium-3

Resources are scattered throughout the planet and its three biomes. There is no set location for these resources. But you can pull the planet menu to find out which biome is abundant in which resource. Due to the procedurally generated nature of the game, it can be hard to pinpoint where each resource is. But exploration can allow you to find it quickly.

All Biomes on Kreet in Starfield

In Starfield, Kreet has three biomes—the Mountain biome, the Volcanic biome, and finally the Frozen Volcanic biome.

Frozen Volcanic Biome: The frozen volcanos and by extension, the biome are considered the poles of the planet. Here, you will find the Frost Reed flora and Trilobite fauna.

Mountain Biome: The mountain biome makes up the immediate region outside the frozen volcanoes. Nebula Vine along with Kreet Grazer and Kreet Stalker, are found here.

Volcanic Biome: Kreet is mainly a volcanic planet, and as such, this biome makes up most of the planet’s surface and explorable area. This biome contains Dust Root flora and all three fauna found on the planet.

How to 100% Survey Kreet

To 100% Survey Kreet (or any planet for that matter) you will need to scan all the flora, fauna, and resources found on the planet. As we established above, the flora and fauna need to be scanned several times, but the resources need to be scanned once.

Once you have successfully scanned an object, it will appear green on your scanner (as opposed to blue) You can pull up your scanner at any time to view how many things are left to scan. Scan the following items

  • Flora: Dust Root, Nebula Vine, and, Frost Reed
  • Fauna: Kreet Stalker, Trilobite, and, Kreet Grazer
  • Resources: Iron, Lead, Silver, Argon, Neon, Alkanes, Water and Helium-3

How to Find Kreet’s Planetary Trait

Finding a moon or planet’s planetary trait is perhaps the hardest part of the 100% survey. Due to the game’s procedurally generated nature, the location of the trait will not be the same for everyone. But generally, there are certain steps you can follow to find the trait.

Firstly, open your map and look for a map pin icon on your screen, in most cases, this is where the Planetary Trait is located.

The most common area for this is in the Mountain biome which lies in the southwestern area of your typical landing zone. Once you reach the map icon, the name will automatically change to “Unexplored Geological Feature”.

You’ll then need to find two structures, scanning them gives you the exact location of the trait. These structures are found in an area marked as “Natural” on your scanner. Once you have the location simply go to the location and initiate a scan.

Kreet has the following Planetary Trait: “Deep Ocean Deposits”
Generally, just going to the map icon, finding it, and following the steps outlined above should give you the trait, albeit in a slightly different location.

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