How To Get Aldumite Drilling Rig In Starfield

Get the Aldumite Drilling Rig, a unique manufactured component for research projects.

The Aldumite Drilling Rig is a unique item that can be used to craft other Starfield items. You will require this item at your outposts and for upgrading other items.

The Aldumite Drilling Rig is one of those items that you can purchase or craft using the required items. To make it easier, I have provided all the info on how you can get the Aldumite Drilling Rig.

Where to buy the Aldumite Drilling Rig in Starfield

You can purchase the Aldumite Drilling Rig from various NPC vendors by spending 421 Credits. These vendors are located in different locations, so you must take your time exploring certain planets. The following vendors sell this unique item:

  • If you are on Planet Akila, then make sure to visit Shephard’s General Store, which is situated in Akila City.
  • You can also visit Planet Jemison and set the waypoint for New Atlantis. You can visit the Outland Vendor and purchase the Aldumite Drilling Rig in Starfield.
  • There are two vendors present on Planet Mars who will have the Aldumite Drilling Rig for sale. You can visit the UC Exchange vendor or meet with Denis Averin. Both of these vendors can be found at the exact location, which will happen to be Cydonia.

Go through all these Vendors, and if they don’t find the Aldumite Drilling Rig, come outside and find a bench. You can then sit on the bench and rest for 24 hours and try your luck with each of these vendors again.

How to Craft Aldumite Drilling Rig

If you don’t want to put the effort into visiting the vendors, you can also craft the Aldumite Drilling Rig in Starfield with the required items. You will need an Industrial Workbench to craft this item. The items you will need to craft this and their quantity is given below.

Item NameQuantity
Drilling Rig1x
Microsecond Regulator1x

You can also spend your points on upgrading certain Science Skills. This will include upgrading the rank on your Research Methods and leveling your Special Project to Rank 4. This will help you in the long run as you will require fewer resources to skillfully craft the desired items, such as the Aldumite Drilling Rig in Starfield.

How to use the Aldumite Drilling Rig

Now that you have the Aldumite Drilling Rig, you can use it at the Research Lab. This way, you will be able to access certain research, which will include the Resource Extraction 2 research by using the Aldumite Drilling Rig.

This will be essential in your Outpost Development, so purchase the Aldumite Drilling Rig or craft it for the research projects.

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